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Remembering Skip Faulkner

Nov 03, 2011 10:22PM ● By Anonymous
If he needed to be somewhere just as the sun began to rise to capture the perfect picture, he would be there in the middle of a corn field or at the airport by the Bay Bridge, eager to please and ready to take the perfect shot. A resident and native of Centreville—he grew up on the Hermitage, which he photographed for What’s Up? Eastern Shore in 2008. A number of Skip’s photographs have graced the covers of What’s Up? Eastern Shore and What’s Up? Annapolis. Well-known in Queen Anne’s County, he took all kinds of photographs from wedding pictures and family portraits to landscapes and still-lifes, which he exhibited at the Queen Anne’s Art Center. He was working on a project for us this summer when we got word he died at the young age of 54.

Because Skip was such a wonderful photographer, we wanted to share just a few of his many fine photographs on the following pages along with some thoughts about Skip shared by his colleagues.

“A tender heart. A loving eye. His photographic images nudge us toward an awareness of the importance of the ordinary and the nuances that accompany our every day surroundings. They are filled with warmth and, it seems to me, a sense of longing that makes us return to them again and again.”—Anne Nielsen, photographer

A flower girl at a local wedding. Wedding photography was a specialty of Faulkner’s.


“I think people would be surprised to know just how much he accomplished in his work, his life, and his art. He was extremely thoughtful in his photographic compositions and also in his work as a volunteer. We have a wonderful collection of memories thanks to Skip, who gave so generously to us, and to the many organizations and individuals he gave his time so freely to.”—Darcey Schoeninger, Executive Director of Queen Anne's County Arts Council & Centre for the Arts

“Working with Skip on photo shoots was always an adventure. He was passionate about his craft as evidenced by the very early morning-scheduled sessions; scheduled so, just to capture the perfect minute or so of light as the sun rose to its perfect position. That encapsulated Skip’s approach to photography; no detail was overlooked or was ever considered too large or small. It was all about capturing the perfect moment . . . no matter what.”—James Houck, managing editor for What’s Up? Media

This staged table setting was photographed at the William Paca House Gardens in Annapolis for the July/August 2007 “Summer Dining” issue.



Betterton Beach on the Sassafras River in northern Kent County.