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What I Learned: Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Nov 09, 2011 10:11PM ● By Anonymous

We've moved on in our lives to other things now -- renovating our new-ish town home, doting on our dog, Porter, and discussing when we might want to have children in the future. But as I finished up the fall/winter issue of What's Up? Weddings (on stands now!) and started production on the spring/summer issue, I had plenty to think about what I would have done differently in planning and on the day of the wedding. 

For the record, our wedding day was awesome.

1. If you don't like something, speak up.
I look back at my hair-do and wish I had said something about how the braids weren't right.

2. Don't let anyone talk you into something you're not sure about.

3. Keep GOOD track of the money you've spent.
Easier said than done.

4. For goodness sakes, make sure you have enough money behind the bar (if you're doing it by consumption) to last all night.
The phrase "13 drinks" will forever be a punchline at my expense because I did not correctly calculate how many drinks a person at our wedding could have before we ran out of money. 

5. Include as many people as you can.
As my mom said, this is the time to celebrate and include, not fight and exclude.

6. Take the time to personalize the wedding.

7. Look for a better deal.
At the time, you think that something is worth the money. It nearly always isn't -- I could have chosen a dress that was just as beautiful for less money, gotten centerpieces that were more beautiful for less money, and found a DJ that was just as good for less money. It's not that I was unhappy with what I got -- well, maybe I was about the centerpieces -- but I spent too. much. money. 

8. Sleep. As much as you can.
Sometimes I wonder how I made it through the weekend of my wedding.

Oh, wait. I know how -- coffee, adrenaline, and my first-ever consumption of a five-hour energy drink.

9. Seriously think about the wedding decisions you made as soon as you got engaged.
I wanted a dark red wedding for long before I got engaged. Months later, I thought about a yellow and pink color schemes with cherry blossoms. It was too late to change anything, but I still wish I had held off on making the color scheme decision.

10. Try your best not to stress out the month before the wedding.
Or you might end up with strep throat like I did ... which led to losing weight unexpectedly, which led to a too-big wedding dress.