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Tim Gunn “Makes it Work” in Annapolis

Nov 11, 2011 06:03PM ● By Anonymous

The man famous for the above phrase hosted a fun and fashionable event at Westfield Annapolis mall on Saturday, November 5th. Tim Gunn is best known for being the co-host of Lifetime show Project Runway, but he also stays quite busy making it work as the Chief Creative Officer at Liz Clariborne, Inc.

The style expert hosted a Fall 2011 fashion show that included the latest collections from Juicy Couture, Kate Spade New York, and Lucky Brand. He spoke to attendees about the importance of proportion and fit and led a Q&A where fans and self-proclaimed fashion victims asked his advice. He even stayed for hours taking photos and signing hundreds of autographs for fans. So, what was his take on the Annapolis event? “It was great! Nothing makes me happier than meeting with real people in the real world,” says Gunn.

What’s Up? Media had the exclusive opportunity to interview Tim Gunn during his time in Annapolis. A full interview will be published in an upcoming issue, but read on for a sneak peak!

What’s Up?: People might assume your only gig is co-hosting Project Runway with model mogul Heidi Klum, but you actually work full-time as the Chief Creative Officer at Liz Claiborne, Inc. So, what’s a typical work day like?
Tim Gunn: There isn’t a typical day or even week, which frankly appeals to me. And what I enjoy most working at Liz Claiborne, Inc. is our events. I love our events. I love seeing people excited about apparel and accessories and having the opportunity of giving them a little more confidence about how they can personalize their look.

WU: You are a style expert, former design professor, and the voice of reason when it comes to coaching young designers, did you ever dream you’d be working in the fashion industry?
TG: Never in a million years, it never crossed my mind. I thought I would be an architect or a writer. I ended up being a fine artist and then devoting most of my life to teaching. Working in the fashion industry took me by surprise and happened because of my role at Parsons [The New School for Design in New York]. I was teaching and an associate dean for seven years. And that’s how Project Runway producers found me out!

WU: Why tout the Lucky Brand? How can jeans affect someone’s attitude?
TG: Well, everyone has a lot of insecurities about themselves and how they present themselves to the world. Some want help and guidance and I want to provide that. I always say to people that I have no intention of making you into my dress-up doll, it’s about who you are. Across the nation the single most daunting item of apparel for women and for men to fit right is a pair of jeans. And I have never had a better fitting pair of jeans than the Lucky Brand jean. The quality is high and the sales associates know what they're talking about. Finding the right fit that makes you feel and look good is essential. So, surrender to the sales associates, you’ll be in good hands.


Below photos taken at the fashion show by Tony Lewis, Jr.