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Menu Monday (and Dr. Oz's Shopping List)

Nov 14, 2011 09:29PM ● By Anonymous

Browsing through recipes, making organized lists, and finding the best prices with online sales ads is enjoyable to me, which I think makes me certifiably insane. It's one of the reasons I started Menu Monday. 

I also used to like grocery shopping. Sometimes I still do. But like many others, rising food prices have been making it less enjoyable for me. 

In case you need help buying healthy foods, I ran across this chart today from Dr. Oz. While I don't think I would print it out and take it to the store with me, it's a good reminder of the foods we should be eating frequently and keep stocked in our pantries. 

Link to a larger image

OK, there's one item on here that baffles me: Low-sodium Sauerkrat? But many of the other items are staples in my pantry -- canned tomatoes, salsa, coffee, brown rice (though mine is regular, not microwaveable), and basically all the fresh produce I mentioned. But I should definitely pick up some frozen fruit to make smoothies in the morning for breakfast, and I really need to make the switch back to natural peanut butter. However, my husband is a PB fanatic and like the standard kind...

On to this week's menus.

Dinner Menus

Sunday: Pomegranate Beef, whole-wheat egg noodles, light Caeser salad

Monday: Crispy Shrimp Pasta, roasted broccoli

Tuesday: (all me by my lonesome self) Leftovers or Breakfast Pasta

Wednesday: Second-Place Chili and dinner rolls

Thursday: Out!

Friday: Turkey burgers with cranberry sauce and goat cheese, sweet potato fries