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How to Get There and Still Look Good

Nov 21, 2011 07:04PM ● By Anonymous

Going somewhere for the holiday? Are you overwhelmed thinking about how to remain fashionable while piling all the kids into the car and making it to your in-laws on time?

This is where I step in. Here are some helpful tips on how to stay fresh, relaxed and classy from highway to home. It all starts the night before. Experts say that you repair in your sleep. Well if your family is anything like mine, you will need the extra z’s to combat, but also compliment, all the banter and mayhem that comes with visiting extended family. Not only will a good night’s rest help your patience when your children insist on endlessly playing “In Grandmother’s trunk,” it will prevent dark circles from forming under your eyes. For those of you who do not manage to sleep the night through and will not be the one driving, take a power nap during the trip. Recline your seat, and put some Classical music on the iPod. Use a U-shaped pillow to cradle your neck and prevent the dreaded face creases. As an added bonus, these pillows prevent your hairdo from flattening. But don’t oversleep; 45-50 minutes is ideal. The last thing you want is to be groggy when you arrive.

Now what about your outfit? Ladies and gents, consider your surroundings. It is full-fledged autumn out there and the colors are gorgeous. Play this up by choosing neutral colors i.e. your blacks, beiges, grays, off-whites, and whites. These colors are classic. They pair well together and with more vibrant tones. Plan to wear fabrics that do not easily wrinkle. Cottons knits, wools and corduroy are great choices. To accessorize, I always vote for a flashy scarf. Though some might think this recommendation is reserved for the female population, think again. European men are famous for their scarf-wearing, and they pull it off every time. So men, embrace the warmth of a cashmere plaid scarf. You will look quite dashing, I assure you.

Boots and thick socks lock in heat and might be too toasty on the road and in grandmom’s overheated home. There are some options. For women, you can remain stylish without having the cramps and aches attributed with high heels by electing to wear ballet flats. They come in all kinds of colors and textures and have a “dressy-ness” all their own. As for the fellas, you are often the nominated “Driver” on road trips so here’s a quick tutorial on recommended footwear. You have choices. Option A: Pack two pairs of shoes. When switching gears, you’ll need footwear with decent tread. No one can see your feet at this point so it’s acceptable, not to mention safe, to don your comfy sneakers. When you arrive at your destination, then you can switch to a handsome pair of dress shoes or loafers. Option B negates the need for packing extra items. You have your dressy and your sensible all rolled into one if you opt for a driving moccasin. These days, designers have mastered the fine art of classy and comfortable. Often, this style shoe comes in suede but I’ve seen plenty of leather versions. And you can never go wrong with a new pair of Topsiders.

As I just mentioned, temperature is another factor that impacts your wardrobe. While the outdoors may be cool, the interior of your car will most likely be comfortably warm. Both can impact your skin’s elasticity, moisture, and feel. Bring hand lotion. Remember to hydrate and avoid salty foods. If you follow this advice you will undoubtedly require a restroom stop or two. Take this opportunity to do some simple stretches. Bend down and touch your toes. Raise your arms and point your fingers up to the sky. A part of the body that’s highly prone to discomfort during long car rides is your lower back. Increase blood flow by placing your feet hip width apart, spreading your arms to create a human “T” and twist your torso while allowing your arms to follow. If you do not have the luxury of making a pit stop, I recommend sitting as upright as possible and placing your hands on the car’s ceiling. Then, slide your hands backwards. This opens up your chest, awakens the shoulders, and generally just feels good. Bring your arms back to your sides and repeat. Do not forget to shake your legs and move your neck slowly side to side. These are good stopped-at-a-red-light exercises.

Now, you are about to take the final exit off the interstate marking the homestretch of your road trip. Last minute primping is in order. While traveling, the static in the air may have affected your hair. A dryer sheet provides a quick fix. Smooth it over your head and instantly you’ll look salon-fresh. Many women are afflicted with runny makeup due to oily skin. My favorite product is Photo-finish by Smashbox. The translucent gel glazes over pores and diminishes oil. In other words, it keeps the face free of a greasy glean. It also helps makeup bind together allowing liquid foundation to marry with bronzer and/or powder. The result is a well-blended complexion. Mind you, this should be applied before the foundation, so incorporate this step while you prepare the morning of your trip. Men, I have solution for you too. A quick swipe with Thayer’s all natural astringent pads cleanses and soothes the face. The pads come in a travel-size sealed container allowing them to retain the healing powers of Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel.

Whether you’re hopping on Route 50 or I-97, and driving to who knows where, keep these tips in mind and you’ll be ready for all the folderol and fun that the holidays bring. Happy Thanksgiving!