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Should Old Acquaintances Be Remembered

Dec 26, 2011 08:41PM ● By Anonymous
And it comes from a pretty reliable source, those matchmaking pros over at eHarmony. Kissing, it turns out, is a stress buster and a natural pain killer.

Kissing, it turns out, is a stress buster.

When we kiss, our bodies produce the hormone oxytocin, which is thought to reduce stress and increase feelings of happiness.

Kissing increases our emotional connection.

Few would argue with that statement. A real kiss is something uniquely shared by a couple. You may have kissed others before, and you may even kiss others in the future, but the kisses you share with your partner are distinctly your own.

Kissing is a natural pain killer.

The act of kissing releases even more mood-altering magic than oxytocin— specifically Dopamine (responsible for feelings of pleasure and for the motivation to engage in pleasurable activities); endorphins (which can lead to feelings of euphoria); and phenylethylamine (also found in chocolate, it is thought to influence mood and attention). When these neurotransmitters are released, they result in feelings of well being and even giddiness, putting pain aside.

Kissing may reduce cavities.

Increased saliva production, commonly associated with fervent kissing, can have the benefit of killing more bacteria. A little gross, but still a good thing.

Feel the burn.

Kissing uses double the calories as remaining sedentary.

Kissing releases pheromones.

Though we don’t know exactly how these powerful chemical messages work, they are thought to increase attraction towards appropriate partners. Validation, excitement, happiness…what’s not to like?