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Dec 27, 2011 10:31PM ● By Anonymous
It’s not every day that you run across a band that’ll proudly identify itself as specializing in “redneck rock & roll.” But, that’s the kind of steel-toed Eastern Shore honesty you get from the Centreville-based Roadhouse Clams.

Founded about two years ago, the band now consists of a group of Eastern Shore musicians who go by the monikers Pacifico Rik, Feedback Keith, Lightning Collins, Bucket Owens, Derek Daytona, and JJ Goodman.

These guys don’t pretend to be anything fancy. “We’re just some schmoes from QAC!" says vocalist and electric guitarist, Pacifico Rik. 

And, that’s part of their charm. They don’t worry too much about a formal creative process, and they don’t try and force inspiration. “An idea can hit you anywhere, at any time,” says Rik, “you just need to be ready to do something with it when it does.”

“He’ll take a phrase that he’ll hear in passing," he adds when speaking about multi-instrumentalist Feedback Keith. "And the next thing you know, he’s built a great song around it.”

Whereas other bands deal with esoteric subject matter, or otherwise hedge on the side of cautionary covers, the Roadhouse Clams keep their songs original, simple, and relevant to the area. “Because our songwriting is so straightforward and accessible,” says Rik, “we’re able to perform our original music setlist not only in concert venues, but also in bars where the norm is usually a cover band.”

And, when they do break out the covers, don’t expect them to stick to their country roots. They’re perfectly happy to perform their renditions of “Brick House” by the Commodores and the Journey Classic “Don’t Stop Believing.” But Rik attributes the core of the Clams’ sound to a mash-up of everything from early Rolling Stones and The Who to Credence Clearwater Revival and Johnny Cash.

After the successful release of their first album, the Roadhouse Clams are back in the studio. But, in keeping with their laid-back style, they don’t have any concrete plans from there.

“We’ve found that when we just keep on playing Clams music with a decent attitude and a good time doing it, positive things will happen,” says Rik. 

Do check them out at You never know when they might show up in your area.


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