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The 12 in 2012 challenge

Jan 02, 2012 08:27PM ● By Anonymous
In the past few weeks, I've written a couple of blog posts about being scared in the kitchen (here and here). But I have to admit -- I get being scared. There are a few recipes, techniques, and dishes that intimidate me.

However, the only way to improve or master dishes is to force yourself to make them. So I'm instituting a 12 in 2012 challenge for myself with the goal of making and perfecting 12 dishes that I've always shied away from for various reasons. My goal is to complete one of these recipes every month. Check back for photos, recipes, and how it actually turned out.

(Click on the link to see the recipe I'm going to attempt to use for each dish)

1. Homemade Ravioli (Hint to my husband: I need a pasta roller for this.)

2. Challah Bread

3. Cream of Crab Soup. I don't currently have a recipe for this ... Can anyone help me?

4. Veggie Burgers

5. New York Cheesecake (Second hint to my husband: I need a Springform pan.)

6. Standing Rib Roast

7. Pho.

8. Tagine

9. Stuffed Cornish Game Hens

10. Coq au Vin. I've made this before, but this falls under the category of food I want to perfect. Perhaps turn it into my signature dish?

11. Clam Chowder

12. Crepes. I have a feeling this will take a while to get it right. 

Wish me luck. And if you desire to join this challenge with me, I invite you to send me your list of dishes and we can get through this together!