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Jan 06, 2012 04:36PM ● By Anonymous

RUNNING VEHICLES - Welcome to winter. It’s been a shock after the mild season thus far. This morning we had two residents start their vehicles and left them running to warm up while they returned inside. Need I say more…. They were both gone. Last year we had one morning where four vehicles were taken from driveways. This is not an uncommon problem throughout the region. Please be wise!!!

COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY – We are again experiencing counterfeit currency in the area. Ingenious individuals are taking used five dollar bills and bleaching them out. They run the bleached bills through a printer and replace front and back with a one hundred dollar or fifty dollar bill. What makes these so hard to identify is they are actually printed on United States Government stock. They will react positively to identification pens because of the stock. I’ve heard some retailers will dip their fingers in water and rub the bill to see if the ink smears. Legitimate bills will not smear. A number of retailers have stopped accepting fifty and one hundred dollar bills for this reason and have posted signs stating so.

THEFT FROM VEHICLES – We continue to see unlocked vehicles being entered and items removed. This morning, in reviewing reports, I read three where women’s purses were stolen after being left overnight in unlocked cars. This is such an easy crime to prevent and it only takes a little common sense. Please make it hard for the “bad guys” and save yourself the anguish of cancelling checking accounts, credit cards, or lament the loss of their IPod or GPS.