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Mac & Cheese, for Adults

Jan 13, 2012 10:06PM ● By Anonymous

Dorothy Norris, General Manager of the Annapolis mall location, promptly greeted us and gave us an overview of what we would be sampling. Soon after we sat down, Dorothy brought us an appetizer of Potstickers. These chicken dumplings were steamed to perfection and complemented by a spicy Asian dip. This was only the beginning of our Noodles & Company feast!

On to the mac & cheese! We first sampled two dishes from the adult mac & cheese menu: Bacon, Mac & Cheeseburger and Chili Mac. These two meals were very unique and filled with flavor.

The Chili Mac was smothered with hearty red chili, meatballs, and topped with cheddar-jack cheese. Although neither of us are big fans of chili on top of pasta, it makes a nice hearty meal on a cold day, and we liked the spice the red chili added.

The Bacon, Mac & Cheeseburger dish was less filling than the Chili Mac, which I can appreciate. Although it still had substantial components like oven-roasted meatballs, bacon, and cheese, we found it to be the lighter of the two choices. I particularly liked that it was topped with fresh tomatoes and green onions as this added a kick of freshness to every bite.

Bacon, Mac & Cheeseburger

Next, the winner of our adult mac & cheese competition - Truffle Mac! We suggest trying this one next time you’re in the mood for a rare mac & cheese. I have to say, if you don’t like mushrooms, then this is not the dish for you. The sauce was spiked with truffle oil, which greatly set it apart from the other two. Topped with baby portabella mushrooms, parmesan, and house-made buttered breadcrumbs, we put this dish at the top of our list. Kelsey is still dreaming about this one (no really, she tells me every day).

Truffle Mac

If mac & cheese isn’t your thing (although who doesn’t like mac & cheese?), you can choose from a great selection of Asian, Mediterranean, and American varieties. From noodles, soups, sandwiches, and salads, there is something for everyone.

Kelsey and I also had the opportunity to sample the Penne Roma as well as the Japanese Pan Noodles. The Penne Roma had a delicate yet spicy tomato cream sauce and was topped with a notably delicious parmesan-crusted chicken. We indulged in the caramelized udon noodles with a surprisingly sweet soy sauce, veggies, and tender beef. These items are great choices if you’re opting-out of the mac & cheese.

We liked the fact that Noodles & Company offers beer and wine, so you can have a fast meal but still indulge a little before shopping! The atmosphere is friendly and convenient, yet it provides table service without having to tip.

Kelsey and I found out that Noodles & Company also does their part to give back to the community. Dorothy explained to us that they have been involved with Relay for Dinner in Arnold for the past three years, the Orphan Grain Train, and they even donated lunches to the Hot School Lunch Program twice a week.

Stop by Noodles & Company today and try the Truffle Mac. Then tell us what you think!