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Selecting the bridesmaid dresses…and landing on a theme

Jan 31, 2012 10:50PM ● By Anonymous

Making a final call on colors was tough, but after selecting a florist last week and going over bouquet colors (more on that here), the decisions just sort of unfolded.

Landing on navy as a dress color is a pretty recent development. My initial vision was yellow, and then navy, yellow again, navy again, with intermittently sprinkled thoughts of champagne and pink throughout.

Finally, a few of my bridesmaids and I met in Charlotte, North Carolina last weekend, to shop for dresses. It was a tough call, given that I have such a ridiculously beautiful bridal party who make everything look good, but by the end of the day I’d narrowed it down to two J. Crew options, the newport navy “Arabelle” dress in short and in long. I love the long dress. Love, love, love it, but to better accommodate the August heat and the romantic garden party vision, I decided on the short. (With intentions of coordinating killer cute shoes.) Two weeks, several eBay negotiations and a handful of “I-am-making-the-right-decision?” meltdowns later, I am excited and relieved to say that this week we finally bought dresses.

I cannot wait to get them in! What a weight off my shoulders.

To make light of the unusual (and in my defense, at least I recognize that it's unusual) pressure that I put on this particular decision, I’ve put together a short list of borderline (and not so borderline) Bridezilla-ish things I’ve managed to accomplish throughout this process, organized by the numbers:

20 The number of people I’ve asked for opinions on color, length and all other factors.
17 The number of dresses I’ve claimed to have been “potentially the one.” Even in declarations I’m indecisive.
9 The number of girls affected by this madness. (Eight bridesmaids and my mom.)
6 The number of email surveys I sent out, each of which claimed to hold an image of the dress that would be it.
4 The number of stores to which I convinced my fiancé to accompany me, dressed in Nantucket reds and a navy jacket, so that I could try on potential dresses and have my mom take photos that I could refer to later and send to my bridesmaids.
2 The number of times I asked our photographer for her opinion. (Bless her heart)
1 The number of non-returnable dresses I’ve purchased because I needed to see it in person.

I honestly believe that we are through the worst of it and from here, things should continue to roll on nicely. At least I hope so. Otherwise, it’s going to be another long seven months.