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Blooming Artist Youth Show

Feb 05, 2012 10:37PM ● By Anonymous
The Art Institute & Gallery of Salisbury believes that the world’s future Monets and Picassos could be interspersed among our local youth. The Blooming Artist Youth Show provides kids, ages four to 18, from the Delmarva region the opportunity to submit their original works of art to the AI&G Gallery, located at located at 212 W. Main Street, Salisbury, for exhibition. Every year, the nonprofit organization receives over 350 pieces of artwork from children living in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.


Work by 2011 show entrant Emily Kim, student of the Salisbury School.


The submitted works can stem from any branch of creativity, including mediums such as oil painting, watercolors, photography, pottery, jewelry, wood, pastels, and ceramics, to name a few. This 12th Annual Blooming Artist Youth Show, which opens February 17th and continues through March 9th, is a judged exhibit but differs from previous years’ shows in that the participation fee has been waived. Any child can submit their artwork; no art class enrollment is required and home-schooled children are encouraged to participate as well.

Judge Pamela Olszewski will evaluate the works in four different categories: Preschool/Kindergarten; Elementary; Middle/Intermediate; and High School. Each child can submit one entry, though high school students may submit two of their works. At the opening reception on February 17th, first-, second-, and third-place awards and honorable mentions will be announced for each category. The first place winner in the High School category will also be invited for a month-long Foyer Gallery Solo Exhibition (located within the AI&G) in February 2013.

All entries are due between February 10th and 13th and participants may choose to put a price tag on their artwork to sell during the showcase or signify that they would like to have their work returned to them in March. Every submitted work must be recently created and completely original. The Blooming Artist Youth Show strives to encourage today’s youth to actively join in the art community and participate in the creativity that enriches our culture. Andrea Hamilton, the AI&G’s executive director, says, “At a time when art programs are receiving spending cuts, without nurture [art] is a talent that could go untapped in our children, leaving no outlet for creativity and vision. Art and music help mold the adults our children will become.” For more information, call the Art Institute & Gallery at 410-546-4748 or visit their website at


Work by 2011 show entrant Max Perim, former student of Worcester Preparatory who now is in art school.