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Feb 06, 2012 10:05PM ● By Anonymous

Wayne Zussman insists that when your life savings is at stake, you need advice you can trust. “You need a relationship with an advisor who promises to put your interests first, one with proven experience and professionally recognized credentials.” Wayne adds that, “at Triton Wealth Management we have no hidden motives, and you will never second guess if the recommendations you receive were made with your best interests in mind.”

As a Certified Financial Planner™, Wayne is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in his relationship with his clients. Wayne fulfills his continuing education requirements through regular attendance at workshops and study groups offered through the Financial Planning Association (FPA), the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) and the local National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) chapter, thus keeping him at the top of his profession.

Karen Baer joined Triton this past year with 25 years of financial industry experience. Karen, a Certified Senior Advisor, works primarily with women, seniors and those interested in Charitable Giving. Karen has always placed her client’s interests before her own and welcomed the change to a model where fees are transparent and her interests are truly aligned with those of her clients.

As Fee-Only financial advisors, Triton Wealth Management is compensated by fees charged as a percentage of invested assets. Triton provides all other financial planning services (including retirement planning, education funding, estate planning and tax planning) at no additional charge. This structure assures their dedication to preserving assets and protecting clients overall financial health, rather than focusing on earning commissions.

Triton’s services are continuous and responsive because laws, circumstances, and the economic environment are constantly changing.

Triton’s investment philosophy is based on Nobel Prize-winning economic and finance theory.

Triton’s proven investment track record is a result of sticking to those principles, even when short-term market events prompt other investment advisors to abandon their beliefs.

Triton’s foremost objective is to ensure your long-term financial success.

Triton works with successful individuals and business owners who trust that their experience, individualized attention, commitment, independence and disciplined approach to financial planning and portfolio management will give them the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that their financial house is in order. Much like the strategy of a chess match, they focus on the end result, not the short-term gain.

Arnold Palmer once called golf “deceptively simple and infinitely complex.” The same is true for the decisions that confront successful individuals managing their wealth. While planning and investing at times seems simple and straightforward, the range of choices and implications are ever-changing, multi-faceted, and can easily be overwhelming.

Bottom line: making the wrong decision can be critical to one’s long-term financial success. Wayne strongly believes that operating a truly independent, Fee-Only Wealth Management Firm allows the freedom to provide their clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they have planned prudently for their financial future and that their loved ones are protected.

Q: I need to find a financial advisor. There are so many in my area. Where do I begin?

A: In the financial world a Fiduciary is someone who commits to placing your financial interests ahead of their own. Most advisors today do not adhere to a fiduciary standard. To determine if your advisor does, ask the following questions: How are you compensated/what amount did you earn from our relationship last year? Are you legally obligated to act in my best interest at all times? Will you disclose all potential conflicts of interest as well as any disciplinary actions? Obtain written answers to these questions along with the commitment that they meet the Fiduciary standards and are legally obligated to put their clients’ best interests first. -Wayne Zussman, MBA, CFP®

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