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Private Wealth Partners, LLC

Feb 06, 2012 11:56PM ● By Anonymous
Let Us Be Your Wealth Advisor.

Private Wealth Partners, LLC, combines the intimacy of a boutique wealth management practice with the resources of Wells Fargo Advisors. They are committed to providing objective financial advice that is free from the conflicts of interest that many financial services firms face. Strong client relationships are built upon a solid foundation of trust, experience, service and reputation.

The five partners, Matthew Sobocinski, Eric Silk, Doug Wilson, Paul Peck and Mark Murphy, have always kept the best interests of their clients paramount. With more than 70 years of combined experience, their knowledge has helped them coach countless families and businesses throughout the various market cycles.

Private Wealth Partners, LLC, strives to offer an uncommon level of personal service. Their reputation for quality service and integrity has been earned by creating satisfied, knowledgeable clients.

The partners believe there are five critical components to any successful wealth strategy.

Wealth Planning

In order to start the planning process we need to discuss your lifestyle desires, dreams, and needs for retirement as well as review your obligations for your family and your finances. Lastly, we assess any concerns about what retirement will mean and when you can retire. –Matthew Sobocinski, CFP®, Managing Partner

Wealth Documents

Death, incapacity and taxes are often the deterring subjects that cause people to avoid estate planning. However, the fact is, no matter what your age or how much wealth you’ve accumulated, you need an estate plan to protect your family and your assets. -Mark Murphy, CFP®, Managing Partner

Wealth Accumulation

People sometimes contemplate whether they can afford to put money into a retirement plan, and my answer is that you can’t afford not to participate and contribute. If you don’t invest in a retirement account, you will likely be unable to retire in a manner of your choosing. By simply contributing, you are taking control of your future. –Eric Silk, CFP®, Managing Partner

Wealth Preservation

With the increasing volatility in the markets, it’s vitally important to employ multiple strategies that seek to minimize downside risk. Being flexible in your approach and utilizing a tactical strategy that employs risk management and a defined sell side strategy, is critical to preserving wealth in today’s environment. –Paul Peck, CFP®, Managing Partner

Wealth Distribution

When forming your wealth distribution strategy whether to your heirs or a favorite charity, a donor should consult an adviser, CPA, and tax attorney. There are several types of beneficiary designations to individuals such as a spouse, living lawful children with rights of survivorship or per stirpes. When considering a charity one could choose from direct and immediate gifts, private foundations, community foundations, charitable trusts, and donor-advised funds. When the right choice is made, all stake holders win—including the donor, his or her family, and the charity. –Doug Wilson, CRPC®, Managing Principal

Investment products and services are offered through Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC (WFAFN), member SIPC. Private Wealth Partners, LLC is a separate entity from WFAFN. WFAFN and Private Wealth Partners, LLC are not tax or legal advisors.

Q: With today’s volatile market, how can I know that I am still on track for my retirement?

A: Being part of the Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network gives us access to a proprietary application, called the Envision® process, to track where our clients are in relation to their retirement goals. At any given time we can monitor whether or not our clients are on track to meet these goals, as well as account for any life changes, such as medical costs, marriage or divorce, inheritance, or helping to pay for a child or grandchild’s higher education. - Private Wealth Partners, LLC

Private Wealth Partners, LLC
1997 Annapolis Exchange Parkway, Suite 450
Annapolis, MD 21401
800-988-4797 • 410-224-4848