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Rod Borowy

Feb 07, 2012 12:56AM ● By Anonymous
According to Rod Borowy, CEO of The Retirement Planning Center in Annapolis, it’s the number one fear held by people in retirement: 72 percent of retirees are more afraid of running out of retirement money than they are of dying.

Rod Borowy has 35 years experience helping his clients safely plan a secure retirement income. He is a nationally recognized expert in retirement income distribution planning. “I specialize in all aspects of retirement planning. As a Registered Financial Consultant, a Certified Senior Advisor, a Certified Insurance Counselor, and one of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisors, I show my clients ways to protect their retirement money.” This includes estate planning and making sure your heirs get what’s left. “People have a real beef about leaving an inheritance to Uncle Sam.”

Listen to Rod’s radio show every Sunday morning from 9:30 -10:00, on WNAV 1430 AM and 99.9 FM.

Rod Borowy, Safe Retirement Solutions
1997 Annapolis Exchange Pkwy., Suite 300, Annapolis, MD 21401
410-266-1120 •