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Red Red Wine Bar Launches Smartphone App

Feb 14, 2012 07:20PM ● By Anonymous
Droiders are used to being left out in the cold when it comes to apps as it seems like everyone caters to iPhones first and foremost. But not in this case -- a class project at University of Maryland came up with a wine application for the Android market, which has RRWB's entire inventory listed. Owner Brian Bolter describes it as such:

"One of the biggest problems with wine is that you can never remember the ones you like. The name escapes you. The label doesn't ring a bell. You loved the wine but can't recommend it to your friends because you can't remember it! Our app solves that.

You open up the app and go straight to the wine you're drinking. There you'll find our tasting notes and price. That's where the app actually gets fantastic. You can write your own tasting notes, take your own photo of the label, save all your user-generated content to the "wine cellar" tab, even post your review directly from the app to your Facebook page," he says.

If you want more information, you can see a video walk-through here.

So what about us iPhone users who aren't used to being unable to get any app we want? I emailed Brian back -- as an iPhone user, I have a personal stake in this -- and he had this to say: "If I can find an iPhone developer who's interested I'll jump on it."

Come on, developers out there -- we need you. Let's get on this.