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Think You're Good Enough for the America's Cup?

Mar 16, 2012 05:36PM ● Published by Anonymous

But we're very seldom given the opportunity to test whether or not we really are good enough to make the cut. It's these times that make us realize that professional sailing isn't simply something that happens on the water. It's also what goes on in the classroom, at home, and most definitely in the gym.

Artemis Racing, currently challengers for the America's Cup, took a minute to show us what goes on during their training sessions at the gym. Grinders Magnus Augustson and Chris Brittle showed what they do more often than play video games, that's apparent. Now, these guys are the grinders, so they're most likely the bigger guys on the team. But still. We're going to keep this photo gallery around for the next time someone calls us sailors wimpy non-athletic types.

All images courtesy Artemis Racing Team. For a good time, follow them on Facebook.


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