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Iceboating in Minnesota

Mar 23, 2012 01:39PM ● By Anonymous

We haven't had any winter weather to speak of here in Annapolis, which has been difficult for sailors itching to get out on the water ahead of April 1st. Those of us who couldn't wait that long chose to frostbite, while others spent their winter plotting and scheming for the launch date (you know who you are).

In Minnesota, they had a little bit of a winter, it seems. You have to sympathize with those sailors who have to look out at a frozen tundra each day, wondering when it will be warm enough to put a boat in. So we have to give them a lot of credit for choosing to iceboat, a hobby that looks like so much fun and yet so, so cold. And potentially painful.

Good Morning America was smart enough to check it out, sending their "Adventure Weather Reporter" into the suicide seat for a tour. Tell me: is this something you'd ever consider doing?