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Confessions of a Guilt-Ridden Bride

Mar 23, 2012 05:37PM ● By Anonymous


Our event is outside and I am not interested in braving the potential elements without a seasoned professional by my side.

But after talking to two separate coordinators, I still couldn't pull the trigger and sign the contract. It's not that I don't think these women will do a wonderful job, it's just that wedding coordination is an added expense that, with the level of talented, organized and experienced friends and relatives I have willing to help, seems borderline unnecessary. (Note: As a DIY bride I am confident in all the design and decor aspects of the planning, I am solely looking for help with day-of direction, set up, breakdown, and troubleshooting.)

I am positive that they are worth it, but today I had a revelation. After interviewing a second coordinator who sounded amazing- totally understood my expectations and had a lot of experience and a great personality, I still just wasn't sure that hiring someone was the right move. Enter revelation. It's not that I don't want to hire one, it's that I feel too guilty interviewing one, having them draft a proposal, and then selecting someone else. The reason I keep considering not hiring someone isn't because I've had doubts about needing one, it's because I'm afraid to shop around.

How can you take time out of someone's day, tell them all about your wedding, have them tell you all the wonderful things they can do for you, and then NOT hire them? It seems so mean!

But then it hit me: brides do that with every other vendor we choose, right? You rarely go with the first florist, first band, first DJ, first caterer we talk to, right?

I have spoken with a couple of very talented, wonderful women, and maybe I will end up going with one of them. But as a bride-to-be, I am allowed, (really it should be encouraged), to talk to a few. Suppose we have a hurricane blow through? Not only will I need someone who can handle it, and make arrangements, I'll need someone that I trust enough, and someone whose personality is in sync with mine enough, that they're able to help me keep my cool, while juggling the other details. I need to find one that makes me positive I need one. And maybe, after doing a little shopping, I will come back to one of the first two women. But at least by then, I'll be confident that I'm making the right choice.

Wish me luck!