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Just Another Bridal Fitting

Mar 27, 2012 06:40PM ● By Anonymous

Ohhhh, sweet, sweet Pam.

I thought wrong. Pam giggled when she greeted me and said “you look the same,” as she handed me my dress. That’s Pam code for: “This still won’t fit you.” (And it was pretty impressive; typically Pam doesn’t feel the need to use even semi-polite code…)

I put the dress on and gushed over the changes she’d made. I knew the dress wasn’t going to zip, but I wasn’t worried. I still have five months until the big day and that’s plenty of time to shed some poundage. My concern was with the design of the dress, and that, I found, was coming along nicely.

Pam rattled on about some things that I didn’t understand to my mom, while I stood smiling in the mirror. Then I heard something clear as day. “Thirty pounds.”

“What!?” I squeaked in her direction.

“Three more inches. You need to lose 30 more pounds. You need to exercise.”

Thirty pounds?! Was she out of her mind? I haven’t weighed thirty pounds less than I do now since middle school. Sorry Pam, that isn’t happening.

Naturally, I just giggled and said “I’m on it!”

She had me give the dress to one of my (shorter/thinner) sisters to try on, and when she came out, Pam looked at the back and said “See, this is the way it’s supposed to fit.” Good thing I like my sister. And Pam. (Note: I didn't know whether to roll my eyes or squeal with delight. It looked awesome!)

When I handed the dress back, Pam and I decided on the date of our next fitting, and then Pam schooled me on how to lose the weight by then. The first was to stop eating “fryer food.”

Then she told me that sweets had to go.

You know, because I lost these first six pounds eating fried chicken and candy…

Finally, she explained that I need to eat a good breakfast, a good lunch, and nothing but vegetables for dinner. And absolutely NO food at night. What do I think I am, some kind of late night foodie lush?

Got it, Pam. (Tilt head and smile.)

I think that most brides-to-be would probably cry at the suggestion that a 30-pound weight loss (hello, do the six I've already lost count for nothing!? ha) is necessary, regardless of the fit of the dress. But I think I understand what it boils down to with Pam.

When I took the dress in I knew it was too small but I told her I’d get in better shape and fit into it. She’s met me three times, changed several things and poured a lot of her time into this dress. She is a seamstress and this is what she does. Like any artist, this project is now a piece of her. She wants me to respect her work of art by holding up my end of the commitment.

Trying to squeeze my size 10 body into her size 6 masterpiece is not respectful.

I get it.

I’m still giggling, but I get it.

And the bottom line is, I do have a few more pounds to go before I meet my personal weight loss goal. I want to be at my healthiest on my wedding day and while 30 pounds would undoubtedly take that too far, I can stand to meet her half way. And I plan to.

This week, I’m getting serious. And when I meet her again in seven weeks, I hope to make her proud. And hear the sound every bride wants to hear at their bridal fitting.


Wish me luck!