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Confessions of a Former Bride

Mar 30, 2012 05:05PM ● By Anonymous

That's right. I wore it, brought it home, "trashed" it in a photo session, brought it home again, rinsed the sand off of it, let it dry, and then put it back in the garmet bag...never to look at again.

I always thought I was going to sell my wedding dress after I got married. The dress itself was about $1,100, and I figured I could probably get about $500 for it. It's a gorgeous Alfredo Angelo gown with pockets, after all!

But did you know that it costs at least $200 to get the dress professional cleaned? When I was still paying debts from the wedding, I didn't want to shell out that money. I'm no longer paying for anything wedding related, but I still haven't ponied up the dough. 

And now, I fear that because it's been a year, the stains are impossible to get out. I'm too afraid to even open up the garment bag and look at it to see how bad it might be. So all it's doing is taking up room in my closet, and that's pretty annoying.  Even if I no longer can sell it for a reasonable price, I'd be happy to donate it to a worthy cause -- but no charity will want a stained wedding dress. 

So, what are your thoughts? Do you think the dress could still be salvageable? What did you do (plan to do) with your wedding gown after you tied the knot?