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Ahhhh, Weddings

Apr 03, 2012 05:46PM ● By Anonymous

The launch of the new website has me totally tickled pink! As a current bride-to-be, I am so excited to scour the site because I know that I'll find everything I need-- tips, tricks, how-tos, rules of ettiquette, logistics information, ideas and real wedding inspiration-- all in one place. And the best part? While the information can be applied to a bride anywhere, the nitty gritty hits right here at home. Having the resource of a local weddings website is going to be crucial for me as I near the end of my wedding planning process, and really start to get into the thick of the details. 

While there's little I love more than a glossy magazine, wedding websites are a fantastic supplement to the planning process. I have lost hours, probably literally days since I got engaged last June sifting the pages of wedding websites and ogling over beautiful ideas and real wedding photos. It's no question that websites are an imperative part of the process. I have spent many a minute pinning wedding gems to Pinterest and sharing ideas with my friends, other brides-to-be and new brides. However, I'm so excited to start sifting in a situation where, when I see something I like, I can likely get it. Local venues, local food, local flowers, local photography. Ahhh! I'm so excited!

If you haven't already, take a peek around! I will be. And if you can show me how to set my email up with some kind of auto-response, that would be greeeeeat... (Just kidding!)

Happy planning!