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Day 1 of America's Cup World Series: AC45 Madness

Apr 12, 2012 05:37PM ● By Anonymous

The AC World Series opened on Wednesday, April 11th, in Naples, Italy, where winds in the 25-knot range battered the fleet and high seas made for a bumpy ride on the catamarans. Annapolis' hometown pride and joy, Terry Hutchinson, had a rough go during the first race when he buried both bows at the top mark, capsizing Team Artemis Racing.

 "It was a balance between racing the boat hard and not putting ourselves in a position of risk," Hutchinson explained. "I don't really feel like we put ourselves at risk but still we ended up on our side. It's just very frustrating... Luckily no one's injured, but the wing is absolutely
broken. It's a real bummer, the boat was so well prepared and sorted for the regatta, and we've been going well in training, so all in all a pretty big disappointment."

If we know anything about Terry, though, it's that this is a minor setback. He'll be back on top of the leaderboard in no time.

We have to hand it to AC race organizers for making online content so available...and amazing. The use of onboard cameras, as well as on the water filming, makes this America's Cup one of the most exciting in decades. Watch the video below to see what we're talking about, with Hutchinson's fluke coming in around the 1:05 mark.