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It's About Time: Maryland Approves Corkage Law

Apr 19, 2012 04:25PM ● By Anonymous

According to an article in last week's Washington Post, "corkage" is allowed with the stipulations that a patron who's underage or intoxicated cannot be served their own wine; a wine already available at the restaurant cannot be corked; and restaurants must obtain a free permit from the local liquor board. 

That means it's up to our local restaurants to obtain the permit. According to the article: 

Corkage will be used primarily by wine collectors seeking to enjoy a special bottle with food from a favorite chef. Although if more people brought moderately priced, currently available wines, restaurants might see what their customers are enjoying and diversify their lists. Prices might come down, too. That would be a win-wine for diners and restaurants — more wine business, and better prices and selection.

The law takes effect on July 1st. How many Annapolis and Eastern Shore restaurants do you think will begin to allow corkage?