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A Haven for Her

May 03, 2012 09:32PM ● By Anonymous

If you’re a mom, I bet you can think of a zillion reasons why you need your own space. Even if you’re not a mom, why not grab a little area? Maybe it’s just a little nook to sit and read, a space to create—paint, sew or craft, an area to practice yoga or exercise, or maybe, just maybe, it’s a place where you can relax and recharge. Think about it—a space of your own with no Legos, doll accessories, and sports equipment (unless, of course, that’s what you like).

Local mom and small business owner Wendy Bogarde designated an extra room where she can create, hang out, or just dream. She calls it her “Wendy room.” As a busy mom of three, Bogarde decided that she needed a room to create her projects.

“I found that I was constantly pulling out supplies for my projects and then putting them away,” she says. “It took more time to set everything up than it did to actually work on the project. Now I have a space where all of my tools are easily accessible and I can quickly prepare and quickly clean up, leaving lots of time for creativity.”

However, she uses the room for more than a crafting area. “I use the room for all things me,” she says. “I read, listen to my music (no offense Katy Perry), and write poetry and short stories. I love stationery and written correspondence. I love to write notes to friends and keep a large supply of note cards, beautiful paper, and pens on hand. I also keep a large supply of gift-wrap items.”

Bogarde decided to use this spare, but rarely used, room for her space. “We had a beautifully decorated guest room,” she explains. “It was so serene and special, but we rarely had overnight houseguests. I felt like the room was being wasted and someone should really enjoy the space. And that someone was me!”

When decorating, Bogarde wanted a calming feel so she painted the walls a soft bluish green. Because she loves furniture and furnishings that have a history, she used some antiques and consignment finds to furnish her area. “I much prefer a desk that tells a story over a straight-from-the-showroom piece,” she explains. “I selected pieces I needed like a desk and side table, and then whitewashed them. I think the color white is the perfect palate in a creative space. It helps my mind if I start with a blank white canvas.”

Her accessories include wall decorations from her travels, far and near. Finds from beaches are highlighted in apothecary jars, and the wall art includes framed cards from San Francisco and antique ironstone, which she collects.

“I was thrilled to highlight favorite pieces on my focal wall,” she says. “Each piece reminds me of antiquing trips with friends. Finally, I added personal touches with photographs of family and friends, and collectibles I have saved over the years, like my handprint my mom made when I was two. Every time I look at it, I feel how much she loves me. She saved it for decades and gave it to me!”

Location, Location, Location

You really don’t need a lot of space for your mom cave, but if you have it, take it. Some ideas to consider: a spare bedroom, a sun porch, the sitting room of your master bedroom, an attic, a corner of a room, or perhaps, a roomy walk-in closet (not yours, of course).

If you opt for part of a room, look for ways to seclude your special space. Room dividers can include a beautiful screen, hinged doors, or even floor to ceiling bookshelves. Mom caves need light, or at least that’s the way I see it, so when you select the area or room you want make sure there’s plenty of natural light, overhead, and task lighting.

Doll it Up

Well, exclude the dolls (unless of course you collect them). What’s important here is making the space your own. As a starting point, choose an inspiration piece—whatever makes you smile. It could be a piece of sea glass that reminds you of your beach vacation, a pretty pillow, or your grandma’s antique vase. Infuse your personality; after all, it’s your room.

Choose your furniture by selecting practical, comfy pieces as well as “just because” pieces. Oh, and don’t forget to hang the most important decoration of all: the “Do not disturb” sign.

Photographs by Tony J. Lewis, Jr.