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Sweet Culinary Inspiration from Pinterest

May 24, 2012 06:13PM ● By Anonymous

For this weekend's Memorial Day party, I've been charged with bringing desserts. Now, since I'm really not a fantastic baker, the host assigned this task to me at her own risk. There's a good chance I might just cave in and purchase today's WonderDeal, which is 50 percent off the Annapolis Sweet Shoppe. Because the deal is running for the next four days, we'll see how I'm feeling Saturday morning! 

However, being the resident food editor, friends and family expect me to make food from scratch. So, naturally, I'm turning to Pinterest to find the perfect recipe for this weekend's barbecue. 


I have my eye on this Gin and Tonic Cake from How Sweet It Is. However, it reportedly does taste somewhat like gin, and while I'm a big fan, I know some people aren't. Perhaps not the best idea for a party. 


Oh, goodness. How cute at these Sugar Cookie Tacos from Interenational Food? The only concern I have is trying to transport them to another location without the fruit filling falling out. 

Champagne cupcakes from YumSugar. Oh, yes, this is a serious contender. It also happens to be a friend's birthday, and I know she loves Champagne. 

Ding, ding, I think we have a winner! This Lemonade Cake from Cooking Light looks like the perfect dessert to kick off summer. 

I think my biggest problem with Pinterest is there are always more choices!  It makes selecting the perfect dessert difficult....maybe I will buy that WonderDeal after all.