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National Premium Beer's Back on Shelves

Jun 13, 2012 07:49PM ● By Anonymous

UPDATE! Owner Tim Miller sent me an email today:  Thanks for the article! We call it NP or Natty Premo.


Well, who knows. But its return to Maryland's shelves is exciting, so kudos to Easton resident Tim Miller for reviving the brand. We first wrote about it in February's Buzz: 

Easton Realtor Tim Miller has begun an effort to revive National Premium beer, the sibling to National Bohemian, Baltimore's favorite brew. He purchased the brand name last year at an auction in New York City. Apparently, the National Brewing Company, founded in 1872, produced National Premium for the elite, while Natty Boh was for the working class. After a myriad of company changes, it stopped producing National Premium in 1996. Miller, who is the son of Bill Miller, a founder of the Washington Street Pub in Easton, is currently looking for a brewmaster and location to brew the beer—and he hasn't ruled out opening a brewpub in Easton. Read more about National Premium Beer at

According to this article from WBAL, National Premium is being brewed at Fordham and Old Dominion's facility in Dover, Delaware. And, now, its back, according to yesterday's press release:


The highly anticipated launch of National Premium beer has arrived. After months of testing and optimizing, owner Tim Miller has released his nostalgic brand back to the good people of Maryland. National Premium hit stores on a 'soft-launch' basis Memorial Day weekend, but have ramped up to full statewide distribution this week.

In regards to the launch, owner Tim Miller said, "I am excited to get National Premium in the hands of our distributors, retailers and customers. I am very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response from our customers thus far. The taste of our pale, dry pilsener has far surpassed our wildest expectations."

It should go without saying that I'm more than ready to give Natty Pre/Pro/Premium a try. (I like Natty Pro.)  Currently, the locator on the National Premium's website isn't working, so can anyone tell me where it's being sold? Leave a review in teh comments if you tried it!