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A Summer Salad Worth Eating

Jun 18, 2012 06:37PM ● By Anonymous
My problem, however, is that I am never creative enough to design a salad that captures my interest. To be clear, I'm not talking about potato or pasta salads – I can rock a carbohydrate any day of the week. But when it comes to green or veggie-based salads, I always default to the same ingredients: Lettuce or spinach, tomatoes, avocado, maybe a green pepper. If I'm feeling adventurous, I'll whip up a caprese or panzanella salad. When I make a salad at Whole Foods – which I do at least once a week – It's always a base of romaine and spinach mixed together, topped with sliced celery, bean sprouts, some raw broccoli, maybe some shredded carrots, and grape tomatoes.


I know, it sounds boring, doesn't it? Healthy, yes, but very, very boring. So, as always, I turn to Pinterest for ideas (where my lack of love for salads is obvious – I have a board for everything from chicken to pasta to desserts, but nothing for salads).

Here are some summer-worthy salads that I just might try:

Grilled chicken, vegetable, and arugula salad

Mesclun and cherry salad with warm goat cheese

Red, White, and Green Salad

It's clear I need to think outside the box. Grilling vegetables, adding berries (other than strawberries, which I do frequently) and maybe getting away from basing a salad on romaine lettuce and creating broccoli, cucumber, or tomato-based salads instead. And then we get to the dressing – a whole 'nother topic deserving of its own blog post.

Dear readers, please help me create a summer salad worth eating – what you do put your salads these days?