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Local Music Podcast: The Bumpin' Uglies

Jun 20, 2012 04:35PM ● By Anonymous
One listen to their music hooks like an addictive habit, with solid rhythm sections and memorable hooks that draw you to listen again and again. The Uglies are a band that makes music appealing to both hardcore music fans and casual listeners who want an easy listen, both of whom will hear something different in every listen.


{enclose Ep9_Bumpin_Uglies.mp3}

The Uglies have earned residencies at several venues in the Mid Atlantic region, and have been spreading their sound at live shows around the country since 2009. Their music and popularity has organically spread throughout the East Coast, and while they've been touring around the nation with their trademark laid back live performacnces, they've certainly cemented themselves into the music scene here in Annapolis.