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Terry Hutchinson Reports from Newport

Jun 26, 2012 07:22PM ● By Anonymous

This is perhaps the one time it's tough to be a sailor in Annapolis. Up that little state Rhode Island, the America's Cup World Series is just getting started with Annapolis' own hometown hero Terry Hutchinson acting as the Swedish challenger for the Cup. His Team Artemis Racing is in 3rd place behind Jimmy Spithill on Oracle Racing and Emirates New Zealand, but if we here have faith in anything, we have faith in T-Hutch. He always seems to bounce back.

Sailing World caught up with Terry two days before the racing officially started and posted the interview below. We all know him to be a good guy who simply lives on the water, but even we were surprised when we heard that he actually spent some downtime hanging out with the Newport J24 fleet instead of, you know, doing things that involve getting off a sailboat. But maybe if you know Terry, you know that's not really his deal.