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Summer Dining Guide 2012: Annapolis

Jun 29, 2012 07:53PM ● By Anonymous

In our bend of Maryland, we’re spoiled for choices when it comes to captivating water views and fresh, filling food, so let’s take this summer to celebrate it and dine out under the Chesapeake sun.



To be included, the restaurant must meet at least one of the following:
•Outdoor seating for at least 10 people.
•Within a one-mile walk from a place to dock the boat.
•A water view.


Pricing Key // Average Price of Entrees
$: $1–10
$$: $11–25
$$$: $26–40


Downtown Annapolis

Acme Bar and Grill
Where. 163 Main Street, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $$
Call. 410-280-6486
The scoop. A recent renovation has Acme Bar and Grill looking spiffy, but it’s still a casual hangout spot for both locals and tourists alike. Try a platter of chicken wings, which come in 16 flavors.

Armadillo’s Restaurant
Where. 132 Dock Street, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $$
Call. 410-280-0028
The scoop. Nightlife is the name of the game at Armadillo’s, which showcases live music every weekend as well as frequent drink specials, such as two for ones.

Buddy’s Crabs and Ribs
Where. 100 Main Street, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-626-1100
The scoop. Buddy’s might be known for its all-you-can-eat buffet, which includes both a seafood buffet and a Sunday brunch buffet, but it also has an extensive regular menu (which is, no surprise, heavy on the crab!)

Café Sakura
Where. 105 Main Street, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-263-0785
The scoop. Named for the flowering cherry blossoms that Japan shared with Washington, D.C., Café Sakura serves fresh sushi in a family-friendly atmosphere right near City Dock.  

Café Normandie
Where. 185 Main Street, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner, weekend breakfast
Cost. $$
Call. 410-263-3382
The scoop. Did you know that if you visit this French restaurant early in the day, you can indulge in a three-course meal for $27? Plus, Café Normandie is a certified “green” establishment.  

Castlebay Irish Pub
Where. 193-A Main Street, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-626-0165
The scoop. Main Street’s very own Irish Pub features its own house beer, Three Nuns Ale, brewed right in the pub, plus Irish specialties on the menu. Come on Wednesdays for a dart league, fun to play or watch.

Chick & Ruth’s Delly
Where. 165 Main Street, Annapolis
When. Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Cost. $
Call. 410-269-6737
The scoop. This downtown mainstay is incredibly proud of its crabcakes, made with a half-pound of jumbo lump crab meat. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can participate in the Man versus Food challenge made famous by Food Network’s visit.

Dock Street Bar and Grill
Where. 136 Dock Street, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $
Call. 410-268-7278
The scoop. Dock Street is well-known around Annapolis for its nightlife, but for a great happy hour deal, visit from 3–7 p.m. on a weekday, and you’ll get 50 percent of all beers and drinks.  

Federal House Bar and Grill
Where. 22 Market Space, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $$
Call. 410-268-2576
The scoop. There’s never a shortage of things going on at the Federal House, whether it’s the dueling pianos on Wednesday, poker on Thursdays, live music on weekends, or just dropping by for a cup of the restaurant’s cream of crab soup.

Galway Bay
Where. 63 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-263-8333
The scoop.  Earlier this year, celebrity chef Guy Fieri visited with The Food Network for the show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.” For a great deal, visit on Mondays for a $5 burger.

Harry Browne’s
Where. 66 State Circle, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$$
Call. 410-263-4332
The scoop. A State Circle landmark, Harry Browne’s offers a fine dining menu as well as a lounge to kick back with a glass of wine or Scotch whiskey. On Mondays and Tuesdays, diner can indulge in a lobster dinner.

Joss Café and Sushi Bar
Where. 195 Main Street, Annapolis
Call. 410-263-4688
Serving. Lunch, dinner
Price Range. $$
The scoop. Joss must be doing something right, as it’s one of only four Annapolis restaurants to win the same Best of Annapolis category every year (sushi, in Joss’ case). Try the crunchy ebi roll, one of the most popular on the menu.

Mangia Italian Grille and Sports Café
Where. 81 Main Street, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-268-1350
The scoop. Dine on the second floor for a meal with a beautiful view of Ego Alley or just stop by downstairs for a slice of pizza. Mangia also offers solid nightlife with drink specials and live music.

Maria’s Sicilian Ristorante
Where. 12 Market Space, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-268-2112
The scoop. Owned by Sicilian natives, Maria’s offers a taste of the Mediterranean made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The chef has been working with Maria herself for a number of years, creating authentic cuisine for Maria’s patrons.  

McGarvey’s Saloon and Oyster Bar
Where. 8 Market Space, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-263-5700
The scoop. McGarveys’ fans say that this City Dock restaurant is the place to go downtown for a raw bar, which features oysters and clams, both steamed and on the half-shell, as well as steamed shrimp and mussels.

Middleton Tavern
Where. 2 Market Space, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $$
Call. 410-263-3323; 410-269-1256
The scoop. The tavern is one of Annapolis’ most historic restaurants, as it was likely occupied as early as 1740. Of course, it’s been remodeled since and now features regional cuisine and an oyster bar.

Nano Asian
Where. 189A Main Street, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-267-6688
The scoop. It’s clear Nano is serious about sushi—it has the longest sushi bar in Annapolis, so you can sit and watch the chefs prepare your rolls (or order one of the wide options of Asian entrees from the kitchen).

O’Brien’s Oyster Bar
Where. 113 Main Street, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner, late-night, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-268-6268
The scoop. While O’Brien’s is certainly known for its raw bar, as well as other regional Maryland dishes, it also offers something unique that’s not on the menu: ghosts. The building has been around as a tavern since 1774 and reportedly has a few spirits of the past still lingering around.

O.B.’s Prime Steakhouse
Where. 113 Main Street, Annapolis When. Dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-269-1210
The scoop. Right above O’Brien’s, you’ll find a sophisticated, fine-dining steakhouse that sets the stage for romance or celebration. O.B.’s Prime serves certified prime beef, as well as seafood, and features a wine bar lounge.

Osteria 177
Where. 177 Main Street, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-267-7700
The scoop. Owner Arturro Ottaviano, a native of Verona, Italy, owns Osteria 177, which focuses on coastal Italian cuisine. It’s perfect for a romantic, upscale evening for two, but also offers a great deal for lunch: $15 for soup or salad, plus a large entrée.

Piccola Roma Ristorante
Where. 200 Main Street, Annapolis
When. Lunch, Dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-268-7898
The scoop. Relax with a cocktail, some tasty Italian cuisine, and a view of the State House at Piccola Roma’s Portico, the new outdoor seating area open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5:30 to 10 p.m., weather permitting.

Pusser’s Caribbean Grille
Where. 80 Compromise Street, AnnapolisWhen. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, late-night, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-626-0004
The scoop. Two words: Pusser’s Painkiller. Of course, the grille offers a wealth of delightful dishes on its menu (try the shrimp and grits), but we dare you to sample this killer concoction consisting of rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and cream of coconut with just a dash of nutmeg.

Red Red Wine Bar
Where. 189B Main Street, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $$
Call. 410-990-1144
The scoop. Owners Brian Bolter, a D.C. FOX news anchor, and Lisa Bolter aim to make wine accessible rather than snobby. It’s a winebar unlike you’ve ever seen with eco-friendly wine, wine on tap, plus its own smartphone app for you to easily take notes on your favorite varietals.

Treaty of Paris
Where. 58 State Circle, AnnapolisWhen. Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-216-6340
The scoop. Romantic and cozy are just the words to describe the charming Treaty of Paris, tucked within the Maryland Inn. You can also stop by the underground Drummer’s Lot Pub for a glass of wine or pint of beer.

Sofi’s Crepes
Where. 1 Craig Street
When. Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Cost. $
Call. 410-990-0929
The scoop. While Sofi’s is mostly and order-and-go place, there are a handful of seats right outside the eatery. However, we suggest taking the Nutty Banana crepe (a mixture of Nutella and banana slices) and heading toward the water for an informal picnic.

Uptown Annapolis

49 West Coffehouse, Winebar, and Gallery
Where. 49 West Street, AnnapolisWhen. Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-626-9796
The scoop. There are few places that serve both coffee in the morning and wine at night, and fewer still that are dedicating to featuring local artists, both musical and tactile. 49 West serves both these purposes, making it the place to go for java, vino, and culture.

Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen and Wine Bar
Where. 1 Park Place, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-268-6569
The scoop. Owned by the DiMeo family, which has begun a small restaurant empire in the region, Carpaccio’s focuses on authentic Tuscan cuisine and features a large outdoor patio at its Park Place location.

El Toro Bravo
Where. 50 West Street, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-267-5949
The scoop. This Mexican restaurant’s outdoor dining area is small, but we have a tip: Most don’t know that the outside tables wrap around to the side in the alley, and there’s often an available seat tucked away there.

Fado Irish Pub
Where. One Park Place, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Call. 410-626-0069
The scoop. Fado always offers a good time and a large selection of Irish brews and meals. Sign up for Fado’s e-newsletter, and every once in a while, you’ll get a special happy hour offer for a free pint and small plates for you and all your friends.

Where. 167 West Street, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $
Call. 410-280-0086
The scoop. Lemongrass has three locations—West Street, Housely Road, and Crofton—but the concept of fresh and tasty Thai food is the call of all. Only the West Street location offers the opportunity to dock and walk, and you can fill up on classics such as Pad Thai and spicy curries.

Level Small Plates Lounge
Where. 69 West Street, Annapolis
When. Dinner, late-night
Cost. $$
Call. 410-268-0003
The scoop. As the name suggests, Level offers a variety of small plates, but the clincher is the restaurant’s dedication to local foods. Both the website and menu list local farms from which the food is obtained.

Luna Blu
Where. 36 West Street, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-267-9950
The scoop. An intimate Italian restaurant, Luna Blu makes fresh sauces daily to top their pasta dishes and entrees. For a sampling of the cuisine, try the daily four-course dinner special for $35.

Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge
Where. 169 West StreetWhen. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $$
Call. 410-280-5160
The scoop. As the only rooftop bar in Annapolis, Metropolitan would be worth a trip for the atmosphere alone. However, an easy-to-read menu makes it a cinch to find the right meal for your diet, as gluten-friendly, vegetarian, and Marine-certified dishes are plainly marked.

Miss Shirley’s
Where. One Park Place, AnnapolisWhen. Breakfast, lunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-268-5171
The scoop.
When it comes to winning awards, Miss Shirley’s got them all, including The Food Network’s nod for best breakfast in Maryland. Try the winning dish, Shirley’s Affair with Oscar, or a variety of other delectable breakfast and lunch specialties at the Park Place location.

Rams Head Tavern
Where. 33 West Street, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunchCost. $$
Call. 410-268-4545
The scoop. You already know that Rams Head is the place to go for awesome live music and some Maryland-brewed beer. But did you know that if you purchase a beverage during happy hour, you can munch on complimentary food (the selection changes daily)?

Reynolds Tavern
Where. 7 Church Circle, Annapolis
When. Lunch, tea, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-295-9555
The scoop. Reynold’s is open for both lunch and dinner, but for a unique experience, sit down to afternoon tea. A pot of tea, a taste of scones or finger sandwiches, and you’ll feel like you’re dining in Britain. If it’s a special occasion, upgrade to the Champagne tea.

Sly Fox Pub
Where. 7 Church Circle, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Call. 443-482-9000
The scoop. Bring along Fido to enjoy the last summer on Sly Fox’s large patio. The lease on the space attached to Reynold’s Tavern is ending, but the Fox brothers plan to open a new restaurant on Main Street later this year.

Stan and Joe’s Saloon
Where. 37 West Street, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $
Call. 410-263-1993
The scoop. A lively joint with plenty of character, Stan and Joe’s is just what you want in a neighborhood bar. Plenty of regular customers, a menu that’s just more than regular bar fare (there’s Tex-Mex in this case), and a pair of owners with senses of humor.  

Where. 51 West Street, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $$
Call. 410-990-9868
The scoop. Most people visit Tsunami for either its trendy atmosphere or the sushi menu. However, the creators behind Lemongrass and Metropolitan outfitted Tsunami with a unique entrée menu too, including Bison Short Ribs with Sriracha mac ‘n cheese.

The Wild Orchid
Where. 200 Westgate Circle, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-268-8009
The scoop. Don’t miss the butternut squash soup, the signature dish at this farm-to-table restaurant. It also offer a perk that many other upper Annapolis restaurants don’t: free parking.

Greater Annapolis

Back Porch Café
Where. 980 Awald Avenue, Annapolis
Call. 410-280-0380
Serving. Breakfast, lunch
Price Range. $$
The scoop. This seasonal restaurant boasts just a handful of tables, so get there early for brunch with a gorgeous view of Back Creek. Try the Chilled Seafood Salad, a plate piled with delicious shrimp, scallops, and crabmeat.

Brio Tuscan Grille
Where. 305 Sail Place, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-571-5660
The scoop. Brio might be a national chain of Italian cuisine, but it offers some delectable deals for local residents, ranging from the $20 three-course dinner, $8 lunch specials during the week, and $5 martini night every Wednesday at the bar (try the Sparkling Raspberry Drop martini).

Cadillac Ranch
Where. 1906 Towne Centre Boulevard, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-224-0263
The scoop. During the day and early evening, Cadillac Ranch is the place for families to dine in a country-rock atmosphere. At night, the bar gets going, the mechanical bull starts rocking, and it’s just the place to go to have a lot of  fun.

Cantler’s Riverside Inn
Where. 458 Forest Beach Road, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-757-1311
The scoop. If you want authentic Maryland seafood, Cantler’s could be just the place for you—Jimmy Cantler (who owns the restaurant with his wife, Linda) worked as a waterman on the Chesapeake Bay before beginning the restaurant in 1974, and his family has worked in the seafood industry for five generations.

Gordon Biersch
Where. 1906 Towne Centre Boulevard, Suite 155, Annapolis When. Lunch, dinner, late-night, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-266-5965
The scoop. Gordon Biersch boasts an extensive menu, but the real draw is its portfolio of handcrafted beer, the ingredients of which adhere to Germany’s “Purity Law,” which focuses on using only the freshest, purest ingredients in its brews.


Grapes Wine Bar
Where. 1410 Forest Drive, Annapolis
When. Dinner
Cost. $
Call. 410-571-5378
The Scoop. Attached to Wine Cellars of Annapolis, Grapes Wine Bar won the Best of Annapolis award in June for the city’s best wine list. The menu features ever-changing specials and small plates, including cheese, charcuterie, seafood and salads. 

Where. 216 Harker Place, AnnapolisWhen. Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-266-7980
The scoop. You don’t often see a fast-casual restaurant dedicated to using fresh, local ingredients, but METRO fulfills that task. Try the bison burgers or tacos, made with meat from a Monkton, Maryland-based farm.

Paladar Latin Kitchen and Rum Bar
Where. 1905 Towne Centre Boulevard, Annapolis
Serving. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-897-1022
The scoop. Discover the bold flavors of Latin America at this fresh, colorful, and fun Latin kitchen and rum bar. It’s best known for its freshly made guacamole and hand-muddled Mojitos.

PF Chang’s China Bistro
Where. 307 Sail Place, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $
Call. 410-573-2990
The scoop. PF Chang’s aims to make Asian dining simple and delicious. Before heading to the restaurant, check out the mobile app to make reservations, view the menu, or place a take-out order. Feasting on the ever-popular lettuce wraps has never been easier.

The Chop House
Where. 1915 Towne Centre Boulevard, Suite 250, AnnapolisWhen. Dinner
Cost. $$$
Call. 410-224-4344
The scoop. One of Annapolis’ favorite locations for a great steak, the Chop House only offers the top grass-fed prime beef. Plus, visit on your birthday for a complimentary dinner! (Call for details.)

Sam’s on the Waterfront
Where. 2020 Chesapeake Harbour Drive East, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-263-3600
The scoop. Winner of two distinguished awards from Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast, Sam’s was the first restaurant in the city to be deemed “green.” Settle back with a glass of vino, take in the views of the harbor, and enjoy the regional cuisine Sam’s has to offer.

Severn Inn
Where. 1993 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$$
Call. 410-349-4000
The scoop. With its panoramic views of Annapolis and the Naval Academy, the Severn Inn is just the place to dine for a celebratory meal. However, if you’re looking for something a little bit more laidback, check out the pub menu for a casual dining experience.

The Whiskey
Where. 1803 West Street, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $
Call. 410-626-6023
The scoop. The Whiskey’s main draw might be its rock n’ roll gigs, but it also offers a large patio overlook bustling West Street as well as a rockin’ burger-and-sandwich menu to try.

Ziki Japanese Steakhouse
Where. 906 Towne Center Boulevard, suite 4250, AnnapolisWhen. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-224-6598
The scoop. Sit inside at a hibachi table for a entertaining presentation of your chicken, steak, or seafood entrée, or dine alfresco, choosing an option from an extensive sushi menu. One of the specials: the Maryland roll, soft shell crab and blue crabmeat, topped with avocado and flying fish roe.


Boatyard Bar & Grill
Where. 400 Fourth Street, Annapolis
When. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-216-6206
The scoop. If you’re looking for a fun place to take your kids or out-of-town visitors, go to Boatyard Bar and Grill. They’re pretty proud of their crabcakes, but we also really enjoy the blue crab melt on the sandwich menu.

Carrol’s Creek Café
Where. 410 Severn Avenue, Annapolis
When. Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-263-8102
The scoop. Carrol’s Creek has long been the place for a romantic dinner, relaxed happy hour, or classy lunch date with its views of Spa Creek. The restaurant also offers a Sunday brunch buffet, which includes a Mimosa, Champagne, or Bloody Mary for each adult.

*Chart House
Where. 300 Second Street, Annapolis
When. Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-268-7166
The scoop. With its expansive views of the water, it’s no surprise that Chart House focuses on serving fresh seafood, such as the popular East-Meets-West tuna appetizer or the crab, avocado, and mango stack. However, the restaurant’s extensive salad bar is also a top draw.

Davis’ Pub
Where. 400 Chester Avenue, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner, late night
Cost. $$
Call. 410-268-7432
The scoop. You can find plenty of local favorites on this neighborhood hangout’s menu, such as crabcakes, burgers, and weekly meatloaf and pot roast specials.  The restaurant was also certified by the city in 2010 as an environmental steward.

Lewnes’ Steakhouse
Where. 401 Fourth Street, Annapolis When. Dinner
Cost. $$$
Call. 410-263-1617
The scoop. Whether it’s an intimate and romantic dinner or a celebration with friends and family, Lewnes’ offers a sophisticated evening couples with good food, including U.S. Prime steaks cooked to perfection.

O’Leary’s Seafood
Where. 310 Third Street, Annapolis
When. Dinner
Cost. $$$
Call. 410-263-0884
The scoop. The fresh seafood at O’Leary’s has gotten some national attention this past year as Chef Russell Brown was featured on the “Today” show on NBC, making Swordfish au Poivre.

The Rockfish
Where. 400 Sixth Street, Annapolis
When. Dinner, late-night
Cost. $$
Call. 410-267-1800
The scoop. The Rockfish bills itself as “casual elegance,” an apt description for the Eastport eatery. The menu features regional cuisine, plus steaks, sandwiches, and burgers, but is also a good place to stop for a drink and some live music.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse
Where. 301 Severn Avenue, Annapolis
When. Dinner
Cost. $$$
Call. 410-990-0033
The scoop. This widely known and well-respected chain is known for its excellent cuts of meat, but also offers poultry and seafood options for those who don’t love steak. The side dishes are ordered separately and come in large enough portions to share.

Vin909 Wine Café
Where. 909 Bay Ridge Avenue, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-990-1846
The scoop. Since its opening, this family-run wine bar and restaurant has been praised for its atmosphere, wine—there are more than 35 choices—and menu, particularly the wood-fired pizzas.

Outside City Limits


Deep Creek Restaurant
Where. 1050 Deep Creek Avenue, Arnold When. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-974-1408; 410-757-4045
The scoop. It’s just 15 minutes from Annapolis, but you’ll feel worlds away while enjoying views of Deep Creek. During this time of year, you can grab a drink from the seasonal tiki bar while enjoying the steak-and-seafood menu.


Killarney House
Where. 584 West Central Avenue, Davidsonville When. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $
Call. 410-798-8700
The scoop. Stop by this Irish watering hole right off Route 214 that features a menu with both Irish and American classics. If you’re avoiding gluten, Killarney House offers a lengthy gluten-free menu.

The Bistro at South River
Where. 3451 Solomons Island Road, EdgewaterWhen. Breakfast, lunch dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-798-5865, ext. 3
The scoop. The golf course might be private, but the public is welcome at the Bistro, where the executive chef serves up elegant entrees such as Chicken Marsala and Bistro NY strip steak.

Coconut Joe’s
Where. 48 South River Road, Edgewater When. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $$
Call. 443-837-6057
The scoop. If you want to feel like you’re at the beach, but don’t have the time to make the trip, visit Coconut Joe’s, a sandy getaway with live music, beach-inspired food, and an upbeat atmosphere, just down the road in Edgewater.  

Old Stein Inn
Where. 1143 Central Avenue, EdgewaterWhen. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-298-6807
The scoop. A new and improved Old Stein reopened last fall, featuring Annapolis’ only biergarten, the perfect place to while away an afternoon with a beer and some schnitzel and wursts.

Yellowfin Steak and Fish House
Where. 2840 Solomons Island Road, Edgewater When. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-573-1333
The scoop. A stunning view of South River, great happy hour specials, and an extensive dinner menu (including sushi!) What more could you want from a summer dining restaurant?


Chesire Crab Restaurant and Tiki Bar
Where. 1701 Poplar Ridge Road, Pasadena When. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-360-2220
The scoop. Sail up the Chesapeake Bay and take advantage of free docking at Pleasure Cove Marina, where the restaurant-in-residence, Cheshire Crab, serves up hardshells all year round, plus has daily specials on snow crabs, lobster, and prime rib.  


Mike’s Crabhouse
Water view, dock and walk, outdoor dining
Where. 3030 Riva Road, Riva When. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $$
Call. 410-956-2784
The scoop. The expansive deck overlooking the South River is just one reason to visit Mike’s, which has been around since 1958. For days when the weather doesn’t allow outdoor dining, the dining room inside features the same great views of the river with large tables so you can bring your whole family to crack crabs.

West County

4 Seasons Grille
Where. 2630 Chapel Lake Drive, Gambrills
When. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-451-5141
The scoop. Another outpost of the Monte Restaurant Group, 4 Seasons serves up a fusion of American and Mediterranean cuisine. Its outdoor patio is the only outdoor dining experience to be found in the Waugh Chapel Shopping Center.

Big Fish Grille
Where. 1260 Crain Highway, Crofton
When. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-451-3133
The scoop. It’s impossible to miss the Big Fish Grille’s sign on Route 3, so stop by for this restaurant with a colorful and eclectic décor. Don’t miss happy hour with great prices on sushi, drinks, and appetizers such as lobster mac and cheese.   

Fat Boys Crab Shack
Where. 1581 Defense Highway, Gambrills
When. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-721-5252
The scoop. Another offering from Land and Sea Group, which also owns Big Fish Grille and the new Poncho ‘N’ Pepe’s. When you visit the crab shack, order at the counter and either take your food to go or take a seat on the outdoor deck to dine.

George Martin’s Grillfire
Where. 7793-A Arundel Mills Boulevard, Hanover
When. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, weekend brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-799-2883
The scoop. Attached to the luxury Hotel at Arundel Preseve, Grillfire is a contemporary and sophisticated place to dine in the West County region. The menu is playful (“Over the Top Mac and Cheese” as a shared starter), yet upscale (Cabernet-Braised Short Ribs as an entrée), with options for a family dinner or a romantic night out.

Gina’s Cantina
Where. 722 Generals Highway, Millersville
When. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-923-8226
The scoop. Tucked away on Veteran’s Highway, Gina’s Cantina is a casual eatery with an upbeat atmosphere and colorful décor. Take a seat at the picnic tables indoor and out, and sip a margarita with a meal of uniquely prepared Mexican specialties

Irish Channel
Where. 1053 Route Three North, Gambrills
When. Lunch, dinner, late-night, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-451-4222
The scoop. As the name indicates, the restaurant offers the feel and spirit of an Irish pub, but also draws inspiration from its namesake New Orleans neighborhood. The menu reflects both, as you can order both a Shepherd’s Pie or the French Quarter Pork Chops.  

J. King’s Steak and Seafood
Where. 329 Gambrills Road, Gambrills
When. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-923-2005
The scoop. Formerly known as Kaufmann’s Tavern, J. King’s uses fresh, local ingredients to create its menu that emphasizes crabs, seafood, and steaks. It has a firm commitment to the community, offering charity nights every week to give back to local organizations.

Lures Bar and Grille
Where. 1397 Generals Highway,  Crownsville
When. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $$
Call. 410-923-1606
The scoop.  Lure’s, a casual bar with a nautical feel, specializes in regular customers, offering both a beer and wine club for repeaters. You can also join its text-message list for the latest about what’s on the menu, which band is playing, and what beers are available that night.  

Rams Head Roadhouse
Where. 1773 Generals Highway, Annapolis
When. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-849-8058
The scoop. The West County outpost of the popular live music venue and restaurant, the roadhouse features live music on the weekends along with always-interesting daily specials and complimentary food with a drink purchase during happy hour.

Sly Horse Tavern
Where. 1678 Village Green, Crofton
When. Lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch
Cost. $$
Call. 410-721-4550
The scoop. The Sly Horse Tavern, centered in the middle of Crofton, offers an elegant place to dine with a historic feel. The restaurant opened in 1985, but is based on the taverns of the 18th century. The menu is referred to as “modern American,” and features seafood, steaks, poultry, and a couple of German specialties.

South County/Calvert County
{Deale, Galesville, Chesapeake Beach, Riva, Rose Haven, Tracy’s Landing}

Abner’s Crabhouse
Dock and dine, water view, outdoor dining
Where. 3748 Harbor Road, Chesapeake BeachWhen. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 301-855-6705, 410-257-3689
The scoop. Pull your boat into Abner’s Marina and head next door, where it’s all about the crabs. The menu features crab soups, steamed crabs, crab legs, and crab cakes, plus other varieties of seafood.

Calypso Bay Boatyard Bar and Grill
Outdoor seating, dock and dine, water view
Where. 421 Deale Road,Tracey’s LandingWhen. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-867-9787
The scoop. Life’s a tropical party at Calypso Bay, located at Herrington Harbor Marina. Stop by for dinner amid palm trees and sandy beaches, but stay for some live entertainment afterward.

Happy Harbor Restaurant and Bar
Outdoor seating, dock and walk, water view
Where. 533 Deale Road, Deal
When. Weekend breakfast, lunch, dinner
Cost. $
Call. 410-867-0949
The scoop. If walls could talk, Happy Harbor’s would have stories dating back to 1933, when the restaurant first opened. These days, Happy Harbor celebrates its history and offers affordable food and drinks (and there are always some boaters around still willing to share stories).

Petie Greens
Dock and Walk
Where. 6103 Drum Point Road, Deale When. Weekend breakfast, lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-867-6436
The scoop. The motto at Petie Greens is “It’s all good!” This applies to the ever-changing daily specials (which includes Mexican night on Mondays), and the general friendly atmosphere.

The Inn at Pirate’s Cove
Outdoor dining, dock and walk, water view
Where. 4817 Riverside Drive, Galesville  When. Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 301-261-5050
The scoop. Live music, a view of the West River, and a choice of casual cuisine from the dock bar or an upscale meal in the dining room—the Inn at Pirate’s Cove has just what you need for a summer dining experience (including a room to stay if you need a small getaway).

Mango’s Bar and Grill
Outdoor dining, dock and walk, water view
Where. 7153 Lake Shore Drive, Rose Haven When. Weekend lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $$
Call. 410-257-0095
The scoop. For an elegant but friendly dinner, try the waterfront dining room at Mango’s, which focuses on steak and seafood entrees. If you’re looking for something a little more laidback and festive, head to the cabana bar and feel like you’re in the tropics for the night.

Neptune’s Seafood Pub
Dock and walk, outdoor dining
Where. 8800 Chesapeake Avenue, North BeachWhen. Lunch, dinner, late-night
Cost. $$
Call.  410-257-7899
The scoop. Neptune’s is a friendly neighborhood bar serving casual cuisine with a focus on fresh seafood. Locals gather to hang out, catch up, and maybe even enjoy a sports game on one of the large-screen TVs.

Old Bay Tavern and Trading Co.
Outdoor seating, dock and walk
Where. 4114 Seventh Street, North BeachWhen. Weekend breakfast, lunch, dinner
Cost. $
Call. 443-964-5261
The scoop. Just one block from the Chesapeake Bay, this tavern focuses on serving fresh Maryland cuisine with an emphasis on seafood. While the restaurant is known for its crabcakes, customers also love the homemade fried pickles on the appetizer menu.

Rod ‘N’ Reel
Water view, dock and walk
Where. 4165 Mears Avenue Chesapeake BeachWhen. Weekend breakfast, lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 301-855-8351, 410-257-273
The scoop. Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa’s  Rod ‘N’ Reel restaurant is waterfront dining with a panoramic view of the Chesapeake Bay, the fresh seafood and juicy certified steaks. Come experience their specially priced Signature Dish Crab Capellini now through August.

Skipper’s Pier Restaurant and Dock Bar
Dock and walk, outdoor dining, water view
Where. 6158 Drum Point Road, DealeWhen. Weekend lunch, dinner
Cost. $
Call. 410-687-7110
The Scoop. Skipper’s Pier recently underwent new management and hired a new chef, but this popular southern Maryland restaurants still boasts beautiful views of the water and an expansive deck.

Smokey Joe’s Grill
Dock and walk
Where. 4165 Mears Avenue, Chesapeake BeachWhen. Breakfast, lunch
Cost. $
Call. 301-855-3089, 410-257-2427
The scoop. Chesapeake Beach Resort’s on-site casual eatery features barbecue and down-home cooking such as fried chicken and baby-back ribs. Bring the kids on Tuesday nights for a special night with activities and a free kids’ meal with a paid adult entrée.  

South County Café
Dock and walk, outdoor seating
Where. 5960 Deale Churchton Road, Deale. When. Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-867-6450
The scoop. Order at the counter at South County Café and either dine at one of the outside tables or take it home to your family. The extensive menu offers local favorites such as crabcake platters, but delves outside regional cuisine in items such as the Southwest Pasta entrée.

Thursday’s Steak and Crab House
Water view, outdoor dining, dock and walk
Where. 4851 Riverside Drive, Galesville When. Lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-867-7200
The scoop. Thursday’s reserves 27 slips at it dock on the West River for patrons who visit the restaurant by boat. Once docked, dine on spiced steamed shrimp or mussels with a bucket of ice-cold beer.

Traders Steak, Seafood, and Ale
Water view, dock and walk, outdoor dining
Where. 8132 Bayside Road, Chesapeake BeachWhen. Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 302-855-0766
The scoop. For more than 50 years, Traders has been known for its steak and seafood entrees, along with a score of comfort food dishes available for dinner. However, the restaurant also features a large breakfast buffet on the weekends, perfect to gather with a group of friends and catch up after a long week.

West Lawn Inn
Dock and walk
Where. 9200 Chesapeake Avenue, North Beach When. Weekend lunch, dinner
Cost. $$
Call. 410-257-0001
The scoop. This inn dates back to the heydays of southern Maryland beach vacations, originally built in 1926. Its restaurant features upscale dining for locals and visitors alike.