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A Trip to Burley Oak Brewery in Berlin

Jul 19, 2012 07:03PM ● By Anonymous



But on Friday, my husband suggested we head to Berlin, a town right outside Ocean City, to do a tasting at Burley Oak Brewery.

burleyad2My only experience with Burley Oak in the past was at least year's Chesapeake Beer Madness competition. The brewery had just gotten started, and they were literally waiting until the last second to tell us what beer they were going to enter because they weren't sure which one was going to be ready in time. It ended up being the Pale Ryeder, a "farm fresh rye pale ale (that) is made with local rye from Clayville farm in Snow Hill, MD. Rich in mouthfeel with slight citrus and spice from significant usage of rye. Complex yet balanced," according to the website.

Now, the brewery makes about a dozen beers, as evidenced by the photo I took of the chalkboard inside the brewery. They do tastings of all their beers in small glasses (shown in the main photo above), a great way to figure out which ones you like the best....unless you're like me, who found the perfect beer and drank the entire sample before asking the guy behind the bar which one it was. I ordered a couple different pints of what I thought it might be to try to enjoy it further, but never found it again! Now that I look at the beer list, I have a sneaking suspicion it was the Free Labor Amber Saison.

Next time, right? 

burleyadThe brewery offers free tours on Saturdays and Sundays, though we didn't partake this time. Overall, the interior of the building is really nice -- a long, wooden bar and a few tabletops set on wooden casks. At one point, owner Brian came in and chatted with us about the upcoming Chesapeake Beer Madness competition. It was a great way to spend time while visiting the beach -- I fully recommend it next time you head east.