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Your Oasis is a Splash Away

Jul 20, 2012 06:07PM ● By Anonymous


Not there yet? If you’re considering adding a pool to your property, experts agree that careful planning take precedence in a pool project. Don’t let the heat go to your head. In fact, patience is a virtue already decided for you. The permitting process to install a pool can take several weeks as s project plan is carefully reviewed by city/county officials. Time is on your side.

To help you dive into pool ownership, a variety of local contractors are at your service. They’ll walk you through concept to completion, inform you of trends and materials, and make recommendations specific to your property (even using 3D design technology). They’ll also alert you to unforeseen variables you might have overlooked during the excitement of choosing your pool design; the most common of which are fencing and landscaping post pool install. But how do you know which contractor is right for you?

Reputation and experience are the most tried and true indicators of a successful contractor. Does your neighbor have a pool? Do you love it? Invite them over for a conversation about their experience. Good or bad, you’ll learn a lot. Investigate, make phone calls, and meet with several contractors before committing to one. The exact type of pool—quality of materials used, size, and shape—greatly influence price, which can also be adjusted for seasonal and weather differences. You’ll want several project quotes on hand from different contractors, even if you have your heart set on a specific design.

As you can see on the following pages, pool design and landscaping is only limited by your imagination. In many cases, as a plan develops and the permitting process is underway, many obstacles can be overcome. Plan revisions can be made to accommodate almost any red flag a permitting official might raise. In the end, ingenuity and patience can transform your backyard into an oasis.

oasis6Oxford Paradise

Located in Oxford, Maryland overlooking the gorgeous Tred Avon River, this 20’ x 40’ rectangle pool features a sun-ledge, bubblers, and extended seating bench. The interior finish is blue granite pebble sheen with coping made of bull-nosed bluestone. Delineation tile was placed on the edges of the sun-ledge, steps, and seating benches.



oasis3Colorado Chalet

Built on a property in the Downs neighborhood on the Severn River, just outside of Annapolis, the family wanted a Colorado Chalet-style back yard. Features include a PebbleTech finish that gives the pool a dark, natural pond ambiance. This is a state-of-the-art salt water pool with filtration system that eliminates the need for chlorine and other harsh chemicals. Each waterfall boulder was handpicked from a quarry in West Virginia. The waterfalls provide a jumping point for the kids while minimizing risk of injury.





Entertainment Center

With a raised deck, lower patio, and natural pool this project has it all. The low-maintenance deck has an underside finished with multiple ceiling fans, recessed lighting, and includes a two-level fireplace controlled by remote. Fireplace is constructed out of hand-chiseled natural stone and mantels and hearths are made out of 2 1/4” thick Limestone. Patio and pool deck areas include natural boulders and decorative paving stones. Large natural pool with three waterfalls, integrated retaining wall to recess the pool, and LED lighting. Complete with “kiddie pool” section and bubblers. All elements of the pool can be controlled by the pool computer remote, iPad or iPhone. Natural boulders harvested directly from the property were used for retaining wall applications, accent boulders, and submerged boulders around the pool edge to create a natural setting. The goal of this project was to create numerous entertainment spaces with good flow and have it melt into the existing terrain and surroundings.