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The Sole of Discretion

Jul 24, 2012 06:14PM ● By Anonymous
In winter we wrap them up in thick socks and waterproof boots, and at night slide them into cozy slippers. But come warm weather, the protective hosiery vanishes and our poor feet are exposed to rubbing and chafing from nasty sneaks that should have been retired last year, or placed on whisper thin ballet flats or flip-flops that support nothing (including our sense of fashion).

But the forlorn foot has a new, and somewhat surprising, champion—natural health and wellness guru Dr. Andrew Weil. Feet are so important to the good doctor, that he’s come out with his own line of shoes. He also offers a little good-sense advice for taking care of our feet in the summer:

•  Wash your feet daily with lukewarm and mild soap; dry well, especially between the toes.
•  Use a cream or lanolin lotion to keep the skin of your feet smooth and exfoliate regularly around your heels and big toes; talk to your doctor about any cracks in the skin.
•  Never walk barefoot (which can increase your chances of contracting a fungus).
•  Don’t let your feet get too hot or too cold.
•  When selecting summer shoes and sandals, aim for those with a wide toe box and arch support, or orthotics, that prevent the foot from rolling in when you walk.