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Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre Presents Xanadu

Aug 01, 2012 03:00PM ● By Anonymous

 Based off Universal Pictures1980s film starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly, Xanadu is the story of a Greek muse named Clio who descends from the godly Mount Olympus to Venice Beach disguised as a roller girl named Kira. Her mission is to inspire a struggling artist who has the potential to create the greatest art of all time. The story becomes complicated when Clio falls into a forbidden love with the mortal artist, Sonny. President of Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre Carolyn Kirby describes their production of Xanadu as “a little bit musical theatre, a little bit burlesque, a little bit Greek theatre, and all fun!”

To pull off this fun musical, the theatre has selected an extremely talented and fun-loving cast made up of several ASGT veterans, along with newcomers. The director of this production, Melissa Huston, is a veteran herself. In 2010, Huston directed Buddy for the Annapolis Garden Theatre which was a huge success. Huston says, “Buddy was about recreating an era and staying true to Buddy’s life. With Xanadu, I don’t have those restrictions.” Huston’s artistic flare will come through in the quirky elements of the production, “There will be lots of visual and physical comedy. We get to play a lot with this musical. We play with the audience, fun colors and textures, every toy you ever wanted to play with in a musical, we get to use!”

When asked why she chose to direct Xanadu, Huston replied, “I was about four or five when the movie came out, and I wanted to be Olivia Newton-John. It was such a large part of my childhood!”

A fun trip back to the early ’80s filled with laughs, dancing, and music, Xanadu is a chance to escape and have a really good time. So no deep thinking, just enjoy a night under the stars at the Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre.

For tickets and more information, including show times, visit or call 410-268-9212.