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Anne Arundel Cares

Sep 11, 2012 06:13PM ● By Anonymous

Anne Arundel Cares, a new nonprofit launched on September 7th, hopes to turn things around in Anne Arundel County. Its mission will be to support nonprofits that, in turn, help those in the community who are struggling, according to Joanna Conti, founding chair of the organization.

“We also want to help other organizations whose efforts make Anne Arundel County such a special place to live. I hope local volunteer fire departments, environmental organizations, PTAs, and arts organizations will also find Anne Arundel Cares to be a great way to help them raise money,” Conti says.

The group plans to assist the fundraising efforts of local nonprofits and organizations primarily through donations contributed via the Anne Arundel Cares website. By showcasing various nonprofits and educating the public about them, hopefully community members will also be motivated to volunteer and contribute to them in more ways than one.

“There are hundreds of nonprofits doing wonderful work in Anne Arundel County, but few of them are very well known. By telling stories about the people our partners help, we hope to motivate others to donate to and volunteer for these excellent organizations,” says Conti.

Donations made through the Anne Arundel Cares website will go directly to the nonprofit for which they are intended, and are fully tax-deductable. Additionally, the organization that raises the most money during the week following the official launch on September 7th will earn thousands of extra dollars in grant money from the founding sponsors.

To learn how your nonprofit or organization can partner with Anne Arundel Cares, to make a donation, or to volunteer, visit