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Workout Wear goes Way Beyond Fashion

Sep 27, 2012 12:10PM ● By Anonymous

For the Weak and Tired

Try compression clothing i.e., tight-fitting apparel that clings to your body. Studies show that this clothing can increase blood circulation by as much as 30 percent. Additionally, it builds muscle stamina, decreases fatigue, and speeds recovery. There are even socks specifically engineered to compress the shins and calves, which runners seem to love; they claim the socks combat soreness. Another perk is the moisture absorbency which, in effect, helps keep your body at a comfortable temperature while active.

For Perspirers

Consider purchasing anti-microbial items that prevent bacteria growth and stop odor in its tracks. Forget the standard cotton tee-shirt that’s drenched by a workout’s end. Start wearing moisture-wicking, odor-controlling fabrics and you’ll not only solve your smelly issues, but you will effectively reduce the possibility of infection. Pay more attention to labels as you shop; more athletic wear is incorporating silver threading because this mineral possesses the ability to kill harmful bacteria.

For the Environmentally-Responsible

Augment your wardrobe with all-natural materials. It’s a little more costly but wool, bamboo, soy, aloe, coffee, and coconut have all infiltrated the fitness world for the athlete’s benefit. These new fabrics are amazingly soft, durable and, according to Mabel Williams, a clothing store owner in Easton, “they wick moisture and dry four times faster than cotton, reduce skin temperature by up to seven degrees, provide sun protection up to 50 UPF [Ultraviolet Protection Factor used for textiles], and don’t smell when you perspire in it.” Worth every penny.

For Fashionistas and On-The-Go Types

Companies are becoming more tuned in to customer needs. They are wise not to ignore our thirst for chic, trendy, sleek, bright, (do I dare say...) confidence-boosting apparel. Scouring Pinterest produces an endless stream of images and ideas that make onlookers want this and that, oh and that, too, right now! Well, luckily the prints, and neon leggings, tees, tanks, socks, and shoes are everywhere. Sure, men love their workout gear, but woman are interested in outfits that are workable in multiple settings i.e., they can go to Pilates when they wake-up, then drive the kids to school, swing by the grocery store,and then meet friends for lunch without having to change clothes. Confused about what makes a piece transitional? Think about your needs from one environment to the next. You’ll want your keys and your credit card and maybe a cell phone post-workout. That requires a pocket and zippers. You also might get chilled after a workout. A hoodie is helpful. Or you could warm up while running errands. Some pants convert to shorts and long sleeves can be removed to allow your arms to breath and soak in Vitamin D...when the sunroof is open, of course.