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Fall Fashions: Feature Prints, Textures, and Luxury Galore

Nov 02, 2012 04:32PM ● By Anonymous


This past summer you probably noticed—if you didn’t have them in every color—colored denim pants that added a pretty pop from coral to mint, turquoise to lime. The splash on the bottom made neutral tops the go-to for a bright, summertime look, and this fall that trend will continue. Look for more dialed-back, fall-friendly tones like deep teal, burnt orange, or rust, cinnamon, and plum. The fall fashion line-up seems to be all about a rich, fierce look, and the colored denim is only the beginning. Another popular trend this year will be Navaho- and Aztec-inspired prints applied everywhere from footwear to trims as well as show-stopping tops and even shorts (paired with tights and booties for fall, of course). Look for influences of this trend in smaller capacities, like fringe on bags and boots, and prints on jewelry, and in unexpected pieces like textured miniskirts, which will also trend this fall.


In fact, textures will play a key role in fall fashion, which will also include multi-media pieces like cashmere sweaters that feature translucent silk chiffon on the back; or tops that combine loose jersey knit with silk. In that same realm, look forward to an influx of luxury fabrics, both in the main body of pieces and also as trims

and embellishments. Silk, cashmere, fine leather, Egyptian cotton, and other deluxe materials will be huge this fall. And, as we continue our love affair with lace (Thanks, princess Kate!) and all things royal, we can look forward to seeing more of it, and again, in more unexpected places—like on jackets and blouses, rather than wedding gowns. And where you don’t find luxurious textures, look for embellishments to add some pizzazz, including feathers, sequins, beading, and other unexpected detailing.


What says “luxury” more than fur? To many, nothing. But as we become more environmentally aware, the demand for animal-friendly substitutes is rising. Faux fur will continue to climb in popularity this fall, and as Marylanders, we’re lucky to live among an industry of the high-end alternative variety in alpaca. That’s right—alpaca is booming in our area. In fact, having started in 1996, the Maryland Alpaca Breeders Association now includes more than 60 members. And this year, local designers tell us that we’ll be able to find alpaca products that satisfy our urge for fur, as well as our love of color, with nearly 30 hues including deep oranges and yellows, reds, steel blue, and even fuchsia. Faux or fur, the look will be big this fall.


While some of the basics are going to remain steadfast and true this fall—like our skinny jeans with boots, dresses, and scarves—we’ll add a twist to our returning favorites, and work in a few new go-to items to play starring roles. Blazers are back—aren’t they always?—but this year they’re diversifying, as we pair them with dresses or rompers, and tights, to carry some of our summer favorites into the early fall months. And as this kind of layering continues to be important—especially in our mid-Atlantic climate—we’ll see more blouson jackets, and open, fl owing shrugs for a look that’s less structured than a blazer, but dressier than a cardigan. Vests will be huge this fall, particularly longer ones, of the mid-thigh-length variety. And speaking of mid-thigh, dressy shorts and miniskirts—also paired with tights and booties—have been rocking the runway, and should be a lot of fun this fall.


Platform pumps will take the place of traditional stilettos often this year, and local experts tell us that while they don’t look the part of comfort, our ankles might find the platform takes the pressure off. Chunkier heels, which do the same and are much better suited for our many cobblestone streets, will also be popular, while pointed-toe kitten heels will return for those after a daintier look. Boots and booties—especially platform booties— will continue to go with everything, while nude pumps will take us through the holidays. With the Navaho themes, moccasins will take their place, and ultra-sheer hosiery will keep otherwise bare legs warm.

1. PRIMAL PRINTS. The first time we heard about this, images of MC Hammer pants came to mind. But now that we’ve seen it applied in 2012 style, we’re jumping on board.

2 . COLORED DENIM. It’s so much more fun than plain ol’ jeans, don’t you think?

3 . FAUX FUR. Soft, gorgeous, and animal friendly? Yes, please!

4. VESTS. If anything is appropriate for our climate, it’s layers, and vests are a great way to stay warm without feeling bulked up.

5. LACE. We’re lovin’ it.

Thank you to Mary Jahn of Diva for styling expertise and Stacy Lynn Parsons and Shanel Klein of About Faces for hair and make-up. Photos taken at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. Models featured, MacKenzie Garrin and Kaitlin Kaiser.

Leave Room for Bling

This fall, accessories are adapting to changing trends, too. We’ve fallen in love with big statement jewelry this year, and the trend will continue into the cooler months. We can expect to see a continuation of the primal prints on jewelry, scarves, and bags, and tribal influence on the shapes and embellishments as well. Local designers also report that Baroquian, opulent elegance will stand out in style this year, particularly when it comes to accessories. From that, fall lines will borrow rich jewel tones and hints of metallic, and explore new textures.

We’ll also see a shift in materials for this season’s jewelry. Look for natural elements, like wood and stones. And it’s time to break out your heirloom jewelry boxes and take a tour back in time with some flower-power elements and vintage-looking pieces with antique finishes, which will be very popular. For those looking for more of a rocker edge, small spiky details will also be prevalent this year, in an understated presence.

And you don’t need us to tell you that scarves are back (did they ever leave?), especially the easy-tostyle infinity kind.

Photos by Max Glanville