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Cold Weather Couture

Dec 03, 2012 09:01PM ● By Anonymous

And though the winter trends will borrow from the fall collections, how you wear it— and layer it—will serve you well as we progress into the New Year.

Isn’t It Romantic?

So what exactly is romantic, baroque opulence? Simple! Or, actually, quite the opposite. To achieve a look of baroque opulence consider all things rich and ornate, based on a color palate of black and gold. (But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of room for color!) Think gold embroidery, ornate accessories, lavish laces, brocade fabrics, and velvets, touches of deep color, and embellishments galore. The 17th-century inspired look really lends itself to winter—especially when you think about wrapping up in thick velvet and faux furs, with holiday-inspired detailing and jewel-toned accessories. We’re already imagining the martinis in front of a flickering fireplace.

All That Glitters

Speaking of holiday inspiration, at least once a year we all find a dress that shines—literally—and think, “This would be perfect for a holiday party, or New Year's Eve.” This winter, get ready to embrace those styles—they are no longer just for the holidays. Glitz and glitter will come in a variety of forms this season, including sequins and metallic sheens, metals, and actual glitter, for special occasion dresses and everyday styles. And don’t be afraid of color. Glitter doesn’t always mean gold (or silver). Multi-colored sequins are fun this season and nude or blush sequins are unexpected, yet showstopping. These dressier touches—and even otherwise traditional holiday fabrics, like velvet—look chic, modern, and pair with more casual—yet, still tailored—pieces of leather, knit, and denim. It’s all in, all season, and it’s glamorous. And dressing up can be done in recycled ways this year, as past generations of style return. In fact, the fashionistas we talked to said that flapper style dresses are making a comeback, as are long silhouettes and hemlines.

Maxi-mize Your Wardrobe

Jewel tones, splashes of color on the bottom, and the luxury fabrics we’ve come to love snuggling into will continue to dominate trends this winter. One ultracomfortable style we’re looking forward to seeing is the incorporation of maxi skirts as winter bottoms. Paired with a bulky (re: comfortable) sweater, tights, and booties, the look will be the go-to for many on the move. Substitute or layer the sweater with a chambray button down shirt, a favorite right now. The leather and coated denim pants you donned this fall will stay in style—and perfectly in season—this winter. Pair them with booties or a fierce pair of flats and a warm top for winter to dress them down for everyday wear. If you indulged in a leather jacket this fall, hang onto it. Leather jackets will play a key role as a luxury fabric that can dress down and spice up feminine dresses—and feminine touches are in—and even skirts. Green will be a major color this season, so sort through your closet for something of any shade and bring back an old favorite or make use of an otherwise retired piece.

Patterns, Prints, and Lace, Oh My!

Lace will continue to add vintage flair to many an ensemble this season, but we’ll also see a rise in vintage floral patterns on the softer side, and strong prints in bolder items. Mixing prints is strongly encouraged this season, but doing it right can cause some anxiety. The trick is to choose complementary patterns, scale and color. Pair a thick stripe with thin stripes (especially popular here in our oh-so-nautical region) or vintage florals with lighter stripes or soft polka dots; complementary colors, or shades directly opposite on the color wheel, pair well; and pairing two two-color items that share one common color is an easy trick for mixing well. (Example: a black and royal top with a royal and red bottom.) For many, the idea of pairing two prints is not only overwhelming, but seems like a major fashion faux pas, but this season is all about fun. With basic principles of color and scale in mind, mix and match away. On that same note of color and pattern exploration, we’ll continue to see color blocking this winter, including color-blocked dresses as well as separates—in silky or other fabrics, they’re a perfect way take color blocking from day to night, the experts say.


Booties—which we saw a surge of last winter—will continue to rise to the top, or bottom, of our wardrobes in terms of footwear, but we’re also going to see an influx of “Pretty” shoes. Thought all of your shoes were pretty? Of course they’re beautiful—that’s why you bought them. But what “Pretty” in this season’s fashion trend terms means is feminine and delicate. A classic platform style pump will always serve you well, but this season we’re welcoming back kitten heels and pointy toes. Look for Mary Janes, ankle, and t-straps to add a vintage touch to the ladylike classics.

Bold scarves with beautiful prints and rich colors will add warmth this winter, and although there’s no room for both scarves and statement necklaces, the choice will be yours as both continue to trend. Also as far as jewelry is concerned, the pros tell us that bracelets will be the stronger piece—and the more the merrier. Stack ‘em on! Jewelry will play host to deep tones, bold stones, and plenty of sparkle.

And finally, no ensemble is complete without a bag. No need to toss out your boho-inspired favorites just yet—they’re not out per say, but it does look like we can expect to see purses, clutches, and bags a little bit more structured—suit case style, if you will—on the arms of the most fashionable this season.