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Hot Tub Limo

Dec 11, 2012 06:24PM ● By Anonymous

It had been a couple of days since they were last in touch, for this article. “Sorry for the delay,” said bassist Rohry Flood. No apology necessary.

In addition to Flood, the band is comprised of John Frase on vocals and rhythm guitar, Mike Manos on keys and vocals, Joe Comfort on drums and vocals, and Forrest Anderson on lead guitar. They came together as a band in 2010, when Frase and Flood met at a karaoke bar.

“We were going to do acoustic duo shows, and Joe brought drums over. He knew Mike really well, so he invited him to come,” says Flood. “We met Forrest when he was tending at a local bar where we played, and he would rock out at the end of the night on the guitar. We invited him to a show and he has been with us ever since.”

“They were playing terrible pop covers,” says Anderson. “They coerced me to join.”

The value of pop music aside, Hot Tub Limo strives to keep their shows interesting. They combine unexpected songs, and give them a bit of a rock ’n roll spin. “We want people to recognize the song, but know that it is our version of it and not a reproduction of the radio,” says Flood.

And their fans appreciate the hard work. Hot Tub Limo was voted the best band on the Eastern Shore by What’s Up? readers earlier this year, after all.

While they started out playing their renditions of other musicians’ songs, Hot Tub Limo has since begun writing their own music. Their debut album, Champagne In Prison, is expected out this December. It’s been a lot of work, but they’re rising to the occasion.

“Lack of sleep equals platinum records,” says Comfort. In producing Champagne In Prison, they’ve enlisted the help of their fans. Using the online donation site,, they’ve accumulated more than $6,200 (about $1,200 more than what they’d asked for) in small donations.

So, where to from here? It depends on which member you ask. “As long as I can continue to play music for a living, I don’t care,” says Frase. Manos, though, looks forward to “selling out and getting a Grammy.”

If you’d like to see Hot Tub Limo live, head to Hottublimoband. com to find out when they’re going to be in your neighborhood. We’re sure there’s a concert coming up.

Before you go, though, the guys have a few final words. “Thanks to the readers for selecting us as the best band on the Eastern Shore. We won’t let you down.”