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Two Tree Restaurant

Jan 28, 2013 06:00PM ● By Anonymous


Two Tree Restaurant in Millington is surprising on many levels—the first and most obvious is that a restaurant of this caliber exists in Millington, a town with a population of 642 people. Millington is situated approximately five miles from the Delaware border and 40 miles from the Bay Bridge, among farmland and not much else.

As you drive up the sleepy main street in Millington, it might be surprising to arrive at Two Tree. Stepping inside, the interior is separated into two front rooms with dividers in each, allowing the space to feel smaller and more personal. With a modest touch, Two Tree feels warm and inviting and the service matches the décor. Attention to detail such as monogrammed plates give off all the signals that the guest experience is important here.

Two Tree doesn’t offer a full bar, so your beverage choices are limited to beer and wine. But with an incredibly affordable wine list that maxes out at $34, your options are plentiful and selections are well curated. There is plenty of variety on the list with 11whites and 18 reds, although the food menu tends to lean a little bit more toward white wine pairings than red wine pairings. We settled on a bottle of Martin Codax Albarino ($24), a crisp Spanish varietal with notes of apricot and peach. It was a great, drinkable option that paired wonderfully with a lot of menu items, most notably with crab of any sort. Beers are inexpensive as well, priced at $3 for domestic bottles and $3.75 for imported bottles.

There were a number of specials that looked delicious, but we couldn’t resist the appetizers on the regular menu. The crab dip ($8) was a blend of cheese, crab and cream cheese, married harmoniously in a way that allowed the crab flavor to come through, not being drowned out by the cheeses. It was served with a nicely toasted baguette—not a single bite was left on the plate. This is one of the better crab dips I have tasted on the Eastern Shore. We also tried the Fried Oysters ($11), which were plump and juicy, coated with a light tempura style batter and served with a horseradish cream sauce. The oysters tasted fresh and weren’t lost in the batter. Both appetizers were a hit. From there, we moved onto the more substantial dishes of the evening, trying the Shrimp and Scallops ($24) and the Veal Saltimbocca ($20). The entrée portion of the menu offers many options, including a substantial amount of seafood. There are some standard favorites, including crab cakes, Ahi tuna, and shrimp and grits, all of which you expect to see on any Eastern Shore menu. But you’ll also find items that are more unique and particular to Two Tree—Liver and Onions, Pork Volcano, and Veal Saltimbocca provide something different and something for everyone.

The Shrimp and Scallops were served with a tomato cream sauce over penne pasta. With the pasta cooked al dente, and both the scallops and shrimp tender and well-seasoned, this dish was a hit. Although we were surprised to see it tossed with asparagus in the fall, the dish still had a lot to offer.

The Veal Saltimbocca combined veal, sage, prosciutto, and provolone and was topped with veal demi-glace. All the components worked beautifully together, but a heavy hand with the sauce led to some flavor notes becoming delegated to the background. The sage, for example, one of my favorite fall herbs, was less noticeable than I would have liked. But, when the perfect bite came together, it was a beautiful dish. The veal was served with asparagus and fingerling potatoes.

When it came time for dessert, we couldn’t help but notice that everything was homemade. Homemade ice creams and homemade cakes and pies piqued our interest. We refused to turn down the opportunity to try the mint jalapeno ice cream ($5) and the brownie sundae ($5). The sundae offered up a warm brownie topped with homemade vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. A classic combination and it didn’t disappoint.

The jalapeno mint ice cream was tasty, although it was more mint, less jalapeno, with an extra-spicy kick we’d hoped for. At the end of our meal, we thought back and realized that it might have been the best-executed food we’ve tasted on the Eastern Shore. The food was fresh and well-prepared, the service was quick and attentive and the location, although surprising, was warm and inviting. Two Tree is a great place to eat on the Eastern Shore.

401 Cyprus Street, Millington
410-928-5887 ;
Appetizers: $4–11
Lunch Entrees: $6–15
Dinner Entrees: $16–27
Desserts: $5