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Kindergarten Winter Luau

Feb 07, 2013 10:30PM ● By Anonymous


Aloha?  Well, yes, it IS the proper greeting—if it’s L-week and you’re going to a kindergarten mid-winter luau at Rockbridge Academy!  The highly anticipated annual event included dressing up in Hawaiian shirts, grass skirt overlays for the girls, and lots and lots of sunglasses. “There are two favorite traditions associated with the annual L-week Luau,” explains Rockbridge teacher, Mrs. Monica Hinz. “The students get to exchange uniforms for a Hawaiian dress up day and learn the hula dance, the ‘hukilau.’ They also will enjoy a visit from the school’s seniors.” Upon hearing this, kindergartner Abigayle Lumley exclaimed, “The more seniors, the more excitement!”  

Every year Mrs. Lori Crawford, a former Kindergarten aide who currently teaches at the Upper School, returns to the luau to teach the school’s youngest students the proper steps to the hukilau dance. Mrs. Crawford learned the traditional dance when stationed in Hawaii while her husband served in the U.S. Army. The hukilau dance tells the story of native Hawaiian fishermen working together as they cast and bring in their nets using hand, body and arm motions.

We at What’s Up? just couldn’t resist sharing these darling little tikes.