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Chesapeake Investment Advisors, Inc.

Feb 08, 2013 10:11PM ● By Anonymous

In 2005, after 26 years, Martin retired from the Maryland State Police at the Captain rank. He immediately began working for his investment clients, and in 2008 took over as owner of Chesapeake Investment Advisors.

Financial planning and money management is a complicated field that, in many ways, is similar to law enforcement; we end up helping people through some difficult decisions and plans. Offering a different perspective to someone who is considering an important issue is very helpful. It has been said that perspective is worth 80 IQ points. We offer our clients a different perspective, often one that they did not consider.

When it comes to investing and finances, people often try to go the road alone. Hesitant to ask for help, they end up making the same errors that investors have made since the invention of money. Simply discussing plans, thoughts, or ideas with someone who deals with these things every day can save people a lot of agony in the end.

As stated earlier, Chesapeake Investment Advisors is a local, independent firm—but what exactly does that mean? First of all, we come from and represent our community. Martin sits on two local non-profit boards and has lived and worked on the Eastern Shore for more than 20 years. As an independent firm, Chesapeake Investment Advisors works for you, the client; we are not a large, faceless financial institution headquartered in New York. We are fiduciaries and we take the “best interest of the client” rule very seriously.

Being independent, though, does not mean we are flying blindly. We are supervised and supported by a well-respected Broker Dealer, Geneos Wealth Management, Inc., located in Centennial, Colorado.

Geneos Wealth Management keeps our firm current on the constantly changing compliance and regulatory arenas, as well as providing support to our office staff.

As a Certified Financial Planner™, Martin is also subject to the necessary professional experience, education, examination, and ethical requirements proscribed by the CFP Board of Directors. The CFP® is a certification that should be on the top of the list for researching and vetting potential advisors.

Chesapeake Investment Advisors, Inc.

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