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Annapolis Restaurant Week

Feb 28, 2013 11:07PM ● By Anonymous

So what’s been good? Well, everything, to be honest. There were a couple of rounds of French fries that I personally regret, but other than that, we were amazed by the menus Annapolis restaurants pulled together for the week.

One of our first spots to hit was Cantlers for their Soft Crab BLT. Three words: to die for. They have a good old fashioned Maryland crab feast for their dinner option, and for the price you really can’t beat it. While it might feel a little early to be eating crabs, let me just tell you that it’s never too early to head out to Cantlers.

Of course we high tailed it to Chart House  for dinner. We’re huge fans of their happy hour, and knew that the Restaurant Week menu would be a home run as well. We went with the Shrimp Linguine since we were in the mood for pasta, and were absolutely thrilled with both the presentation and the flavor palette. With a glass of white wine and a Crème Brulee to cap off the night, we all commented that there’s no better place to be in the entire world than the Chart House’s dining room.

There was also contentment to be had at Miss Shirley’s, where we went for, ahem, both breakfast and lunch. Lay off me: it’s my neighborhood haunt. You wouldn’t get all up on me if I went to Starbucks for breakfast and lunch! But look: the breakfast menu had Chicken and Waffles on it. C’mon. After a winter of eating oatmeal, it’s amazing we only went there once for breakfast. On the lunch menu, the BBQ Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese was a major standout, along with the Alonsoville Sandwich. Mmmm….we might go there again tomorrow. They aren’t offering the menu over the weekend, so get in while the getting’s good.

We made it over to The Rockfish for dinner for some Mussels and Pork Chops. We always get our money’s worth at Rockfish, but this was incredible. Alongside the Goats Cheese Cheese Cake, we were in heaven. The pork chop is served with something called “Coca Cola Mustard BBQ,” and it’s so incredibly tasty that you’ll want to try to recreate it at home. But trust me on this one: this is a condiment left to the professionals. No matter how simple it’s name makes it seem.

Café Normandie was another not-to-miss spot. Honestly, nothing beats their Croque Monsieurs on a day like today, when it’s just chilly enough to make you want some comfort food. We mixed it up a bit for the sake of variety and sampled the Herb Roasted Chicken and treated ourselves to their house-made pastries. The thing we love about this family-run operation is that they make you feel right at home with both their cooking and their service. We’re converts.

Finally, we hit up another neighborhood favorite, the Reynolds Tavern. We never need an excuse to go into the Reynolds Tavern: when I was pregnant, their Cream of Crab soup was considered one of my primary food groups. But besides the high tea service, we don’t eat there too often now. However, that is all about to change. The Pecan Encrusted Tilapia is a little bit of heaven. Not on the Restaurant Week menu is the Seafood Lasagna, a chef’s special of the moment. Our date was done with the pick and choose items and went with this treat. For all the Seafood and Cheese Cynics out there, let me silence you with this image. It has to be one of the tastiest things we’ve eaten in a long time, with the flavors incorporating pleasantly without making you feel you’re eating too much seafood or too much pasta. The Reynolds Tavern would be wise to put this on their permanent menu.

There are still a few more days for us to legitimately grow out of all our pants, and we absolutely plan on doing just that. Annapolis Restaurant Week only happens once a year, so make sure you get your reservations while you can.