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The Globetrotters are in Town

Mar 01, 2013 10:03PM ● By Anonymous

Now fans can log on to their website and vote for what rule they want to see added to the game. Click Here to Vote. The new options available are Two Ball Basketball, Double Points, Four-Point Shot, Penalty Box, and 6-on-5.

For Ariel “Mighty” Mitchell and Herb “Flight Time” Lang, bringing their own unique twists to each show is an art form they acquired over time.

Mighty, known for her dribbling slide, was amazed by the tricks and skill set of the Globetrotters growing up.

“Before I became a Globetrotter I couldn’t even spin the basketball on my fingers,” Mitchell says. “But I put in a lot of practice at the training camp. Practice makes perfect because now I can do things I never thought I would be able to do. It depends on your determination and how bad that you want to succeed in it. Here I am today, doing tricks that I never thought I would do.”

Developing her slide took some time as well.

“That took a lot of practice just to get that down pat without messing it up,” she says. “It took me about two months on my own training at home before the tour started to be able to get that down. I really enjoy dribbling and sliding at the same time.”

Flight Time earned his nickname from former Globetrotters owner Mannie Jackson after he won the 1998 NCAA Final Four Slam Dunk Contest. To go along with his high-flying ability, Flight Time takes pride in his off-the-neck shot into the basket. He has also been working on a bleacher shot while in the crowd.

“Whenever the nights I can get them to go in it definitely gets the show off to a good start,” Lang says. “Even after 14 years, you continue to try and work on the skills that you do so you can perfect them.”

Mighty is in her rookie season and joins Tammy 'T-Time' Brawner and Fatima "TNT" Maddox as the first female to play on the Globetrotters since 1993.

“It’s an honor to go out there every night and play with the guys, showing girls that anything is possible,” Mitchell says.

With the Globetrotters split into three groups, Mitchell is the only female on her squad. However, she fits right in with the rest of the guys whenever she travels with the team.

“The guys are really cool,” Mitchell says. “They make it feel like I’m at home. They have a great sense of humor. We’re always laughing, having a great time on and off the court.”

Mitchell and Lang signed with the Globetrotters knowing humor would be a part of the off-court chemistry of the team.

“My teammates Too Tall and Tiny, they like to prank around with each other sometimes,” Lang says. “Too Tall, who’s the smallest guy on our team, the smallest guy we’ve ever had, he’s 5’2”. And you have Tiny, who’s 7’8” and wears a 7’8” sized shoe. Sometimes Too Tall messes with him and he’ll go and take his shoes and put them on while he still has his size sevens on and walk around with them. And Tiny, he gets a little bit upset about it but he laughs it off as part of just having fun and relaxing in the locker room.”

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Photo Courtesy of the Harlem Globetrotters.