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Inside the Event: Coco Blanco

Mar 01, 2013 06:11PM ● By August Schwartz
First of all, if you don’t already have your ticket, it’s not too late! You can purchase them online today until noon, and then at the door. Tickets are $75 and available at Fun fact: You can choose which of seven organizations you want your ticket dollars to benefit: Save the Coconuts, AAMC Breast Center, Annapolis Dragon Boat Club, Evolutions Ribbon Recovery, Metavivors, Relay For Life, or Wellness House.

So you’ve got your ticket and you’re ready to go. Where should you park? Why, take advantage of the free valet of course! It's certainly our favorite way to park. Just make sure you tell them you’re attending the Coco Blanco event.

When should you arrive, and what's on the schedule you ask? Well cocktail hour will take place from 7-8 p.m. with music by Who Killed Robin Masters to set the mood. In the ballroom, Scotts New Band will keep the party going. The silent auction will take place during this time so if you’ve got your eye on something, don’t be too late. The live auction will begin at 9:15, and when it ends so will the silent auction. At any point in the night, you can pop in the photo booth, or get your face/body painted. What a party!

Now onto libations…the limited open bar will include beer, wine, and vodka drinks. You’ll have to get your scotch on at home (might we suggest a nightcap?), but you can leave your cash and cards for the auctions. We do love to save our money for the shopping. Ahem. Bidding.

Coat racks will be set up in lieu of a coat check, so while you’re safe to bundle up without fear of having to carry that extra bulk around all night, maybe don’t don your grandmother’s heirloom mink. It wouldn’t be the first time someone’s accidentally taken the wrong coat home, and we’d hate to witness that mix-up. In any case, the racks are in the boardroom—to the right of the atrium as you walk in.

Dinner will be served buffet-style with a few mouth-watering stations. We’re talking oysters, a pasta bar, soup shooters, a carving table, and our favorite: Loews mashed potato bar. If you’ve had it, you know why we’re skipping lunch. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.

Now that balancing act we’ve taught you about. There will be less need for it here, (thank goodness!), as Coco Blanco will have high top tables set up throughout the atrium. And for dinner, tables of 10 are in the ballroom. Note: there are no reserved seats, so if you’re hoping to dine with a full group, get there early to secure a spot together. Otherwise, mingle freely and enjoy meeting new faces. It's a party, for Pete's sake, get chatty.

And the biggest question on all our minds: What to wear?
It’s an “anything goes” white party, so as long as you’re dressed in Blanco you’ll be Cocomfortable. Organizers have literally seen everything from white denim to wedding dresses, and everything in between. White painters jumpsuits, togas, angel outfits, and cocktail dresses. And said organizers will be on hand to offer you a white boa, a white mask, and white sunglasse. “The sillier, the better!” they say. If you’re daring, we say go all out. If this is your first time at the event and you’d rather fly in under the radar, we suggest a short white dress—cocktail, business, or any formality in between. Watch this video is you want to see photos of past events:

And as always, make sure you tweet us photos from the event! We’re @TowneSocialite, and we’d love to hear from you!