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Make the Most of Wedding Details

Apr 17, 2013 07:49PM ● By Anonymous

But with a slight psychological adjustment, weddings can provide inspiration beyond the altar. Here are four simple ways to incorporate wedding details into at-home entertaining (with Pinterest finds as visuals).

Think theme. You don’t have to go overboard, creating the likes of an enchanted garden or Great Gatsby fete. But thinking in terms of theme for occasions ranging from birthdays to graduation parties to simple dinner parties can create an added sophistication that is sure to impress your guests. Whether it be through a color—mint will be popular in weddings this year—or a particular ornament—birds are expected to burst onto the wedding scene in 2013—themes are an important aspect of every party.

Take a cue from the setup. Food reigns supreme at any occasion. While delectable dishes can always stand on their own, most would prefer an equally impressive setup to accompany the palate-pleasing parcels. So be sure to give careful consideration to your dining setup. Take a cue from wedding trends such as long, family style tables—which can create a rustic elegance when used outdoors—and food stations that encourage mingling and provide a variety of choices for discerning guests.

Develop a signature cocktail. Customize the drink to the theme of the party or the time of year, but don’t neglect this sentimental detail. A signature cocktail can instantly create a more intimate atmosphere, making guests feel as if they are part of a truly special occasion, even if it is only a Saturday night dinner party. With spring upon us, give this Rasmopolitan from Martha Stewart or this Strawberry Moonshine Julep from a try.

Take lots of photos. It seems simple, right? But how many parties have you hosted (kids parties excluded) where you end the night without a single moment captured on camera? Too many, I’m sure. So find a willing guest at your next party and designate him or her as the official photographer for the night. Think of all the fun you’ll have flipping through these precious moments at your next gathering.

For more inspiration, be sure to check out our spring/summer issue of What’s Up? Weddings, now on newsstands, and visit our Wedding Details for Home Entertaining board at