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New Menu Unveiled at Camden Yards

Apr 17, 2013 09:36PM ● By Anonymous

On April 3, the Orioles took to Twitter to tease fans about their new delicacies being added to the ballpark menu.

The premier items are the Triple Crown Sandwich (bacon on a stick, pulled pork and a hot dog all in a bun), TAKO Korean barbeque, The Walk Off (Old Bay Roma sausage in a pretzel roll topped with Old Bay crab dip), waffle fries topped with crab dip, The O’s Smith Island Cake, and chocolate stout cupcakes filled with Bailey’s Irish Cream Mousse topped with a Jameson butter cream Icing and a side of vanilla ice cream.

With one home series already in the books, the response from Eutaw Street has been favorable. "They're really excited about the new menu items. The feedback's been great,” said Josh Distenfeld - Executive Chef, Baltimore Orioles and Delaware North Companies.

The early leader in the clubhouse for the most popular new item has been the crab waffle fries.

“That's really been the surprise hit. People are really, really diggin' that,” Distenfeld said. “I can't believe the response on [it]. It's been overwhelming. I got stopped over the weekend at least 30 times just for directions on where to get them. It was pretty impressive."

Distenfeld said that the new menu items have doubled his projected production and revenue.

The Orioles tweets were so out-of-the-box that they were covered by the Washington Post’s popular blog, the D.C. Sports Bog.

“Well, at the Sports Bog we love things that are over the top, and these definitely qualified,” said Sarah Kogod, Washington Post sports writer and author of the Orioles food blog post.

“I also try to remember that the lack of a baseball team in D.C. for so long bred a lot of Orioles fans in our area, so while we don't primarily cover Baltimore sports,” Kogod said, “every once in a while something comes along that's worth mentioning. And bacon on top of pork on top of a hot dog certainly deserved a, 'Hey look. It's bacon on top of pork on top of a hot dog.'”

Readers may feel their arteries clogging while reading this story, but have no fear, healthy, gluten-free options are available.

“We rolled out a new menu in Dempsey's (Brew Pub & Restaurant) and it's got a lot more salad options, compound salads,” Distenfeld said. “The gluten-free aspect is really big in the ballpark. Gluten-free is just hot. It's hot not as a trend. A lot of people have celiac disease. I get phone calls on it. I get people in the ballpark that come up to me and ask me what the gluten-free options are. It's basically a staple now in any dining venue you go to.”

To view the new delicacies, check out the Baltimore Sun's gallery here.