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Nostalgic Elegance

May 07, 2013 06:17PM ● By Anonymous

As such, it seemed proper to start the meal off right with a “before-dinner cocktail” from the restaurant’s suggested cocktail list. The list includes a dozen or so classic offerings, including a martini, Manhattan, daiquiri, and sazerac, alongside an extensive vodka menu. The vodka list, which had more than 20 offerings, lends a clear direction to a beverage program that exists without a physical bar. The selection is noteworthy because of the depth of the list and the tasting notes that accompany it. If vodka is your spirit of choice, look no further.

We opted to start with the classic Manhattan, which proved to be a delicious decision. It was boozy, yet balanced, and was served chilled but not shaken. It is clear that whoever is running this cocktail program has their classics down to a science. The wines-by-the-glass list offers a number of different varietals, all for $9, along with a premium option at $12. Although there was no information on what the wines actually were, leading me to pick blindly based solely on the grape variety, the wine was very good. In addition to 10-plus offerings by the glass, the restaurant offers more than 70 wines by the bottle.

As we moved on to the food, everything we encountered sounded fantastic. To begin, we opted for the Arugula Salad and the Chestnut Soup. The soup was rich and delicate, with mushrooms that lent a savory character and a cream-based broth that gave it a silky texture. Alongside the house-made sweet potato rolls, prepared each night before service, the soup could not have been better.

The Arugula Salad was delicious, as well, although this cold preparation was quite different than you might imagine a typical salad—with micro greens served over the top of a rolled chicken pâté. The chicken was well-seasoned and flavorful throughout, and the entire presentation was improved by the addition of herb oil, golden raisins, and pine nuts. The dish was a success from a flavor, seasoning, and textural standpoint.

From here, we moved on to the main event. We opted for the house-made fettuccini with lobster and the bone-in rib eye steak, requested medium rare. The steak was cooked to perfection with a seared crust and a juicy center. It was topped with wild mushrooms and an au jus that was decadent. The dish was served with a sliced, roasted potato, seasoned and piping hot. This was a really fantastic steak that will give any local (or national) steakhouse a run for its money.

The house-made fettuccini was rich from the first bite to the last. With a thick sauce and big chunks of lobster throughout, this dish was fantastic. The pasta was cooked slightly al dente, as we had hoped, and each noodle was coated with seafood-infused sauce.

We finished our meal with the Passion Fruit Bomb, which wrapped passion fruit sorbet in a white chocolate shell. The sorbet turned out to be deliciously tart, contrasting nicely with the sweetness of the white chocolate. It was a beautiful ending to a beautiful meal.

The Peacock Restaurant & Lounge has set the stage for a fantastic meal. The dining room is superb, the service will fulfill your every need, and you will be pampered in a way that makes this a very special destination. With warm hospitality and a kitchen that makes everything from scratch, you won’t be disappointed.

Appetizers: $10—14
Entrees: $27—34
Desserts: $10

Peacock Restaurant & Lounge
The Inn at 202 Dover
202 E. Dover Rd, Easton, MD