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Summer Lovin’ Style

Jun 05, 2013 05:55PM ● By Anonymous

Colors and Prints, Flowers Galore

We swooned over the glamour introduced to us by white on white this spring, and this summer it’s in full effect. Pair the monochromatic look with accessories of any color—we recommend adding a splash of black for the black-and-white combination that will be very popular this season. If you prefer color, you won’t be disappointed. We’ll continue to see plenty of geometric prints this season, especially stripes, and their tilted counterpart, chevron.

Don’t even think about ridding your wardrobe of all the beautiful fl oral prints you may have picked up this spring—there are plenty more where they came from, just in time to really see the world around us bloom. And if it’s a nature-inspired look you love, fl orals aren’t your only option. It seems birds, and other “cute” animals are making their way from wedding decor (yes, bird details are booming in the wedding scene) to popular patterns.

Finally, while it’s technically a texture and not a pattern, we don’t want to forget: it seems eyelet may be taking the place of lace for the summer. Add to it the continuing popularity of sheer tops, and we’ve got an impressive lineup of warm-weather-friendly fabrics from which to choose.

Summer Staples

We have never been so pleased with the fashion world as when we realized that hats are back. We certainly wonder if our obsession with royalty has had any influence—but in any case, we’ll take it. Wide-brimmed beach hats, short-brimmed fedoras, even a few fascinators are popping up. We say take full advantage. There’s a hat suited for everyone; you just have to find it and ride the wave.

We’re also pleased to note that shorts are taking an interesting, and pleasantly sophisticated, shape this season with high waists. Destined to lengthen the legs and slim the waist, high-waisted shorts show the same amount of skin on the bottom as any other pair, but offer a more structured, slightly more conservative (and nostalgic, don’t mind if we do) look.

Alternatively, full-length skirts—specifically those with considerable slits up the front (and in some cases, even shorts underneath)—offer an a little edge, especially paired with a cropped top, which is also back in style this year.

Special Thank You to Models Melissa Purvis for T H E Artist Agency and Taylor Covert; hair and makeup artists Sara Lawrence of Behind the Compact and Elizabeth Johnson Hymas. Also thank you to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for hosting the fashion shoot. Editor’s note: The Chesapeake Bay Foundation will reopen for special events in Summer 2014.